A Look At A Few Of The Most Popular Types Of Facial Surgeries

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The popularity of facial plastic surgery has been on the rise during the past several years. While there are many types of facial plastic surgery procedures available, some facial surgeries are more popular than others. We will take a look at a few of the most common, popular procedures here.

Rhinoplasty is definitely one of the most popular types of facial plastic surgery procedures being done today. This procedure can correct a variety of nose conditions such as an over-sized nose, a hump on the bridge of the nose, narrow or wide nostrils or an unwanted shape of the tip of the nose. Both the front and side views of the nose are corrected during rhinoplasty to be sure a correct balance is achieved. Rhinoplasty can also aide in fixing breathing difficulties caused by narrow or obstructed nasal passages.

As we age, the skin around our eyes tends to sag. Sagging upper eyelids or so called 'bags' under the eyes are something that many people wish to get rid of. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is what many adults ask to have done when visiting a plastic surgeon for the first time. Quite often these people are also interested in having a facelift procedure done. In these cases the two procedures are often done during the same operation as it is just a matter of the surgeon spending more time to complete both.

Facelifts are very popular choices in facial plastic surgery. A facelift can help to give the overall face a much younger, more rejuvenated appearance. This procedure can remedy loose and wrinkled skin on the neck area as well as on the face. A facelift can include botox or collagen injections to help improve creases on the forehead and eyebrow region. A typical facelift is done by making an incision along the hairline which continues down in front of the ear to the earlobe and ending at the hairline behind the ear. Next the skin is pulled from the fat and muscle and the excess fat is suctioned or trimmed from the neck and chin. Then the skin is pulled tight and any excess is trimmed away.

A brow lift is another top choice. This procedure can combat the signs of aging and can also raise naturally low or 'heavy' brows. Brow lift surgery entails removing muscle and tissue that causes the brow to droop, allowing for a smoother looking forehead. An incision is made behind the hairline wherein the necessary tissue is removed.

A chin augmentation is another popular type of facial plastic surgery. A low profile chin can make the nose look large and can also give the appearance of an overly fleshy neck. Patients can choose a facial profile they like in order to make their chin look more defined, wider or smaller. It is common practice for a chin augmentation to be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty so that the surgeon can create a nice profile in one procedure. Quite often a chin implant is used to create the desired look which means that chin augmentation surgery typically requires a stay in a hospital. However, there are chin augmentation procedures that do not involve placing an implant in the chin but which rather use injectables such as collagen.

Facial fat grafting is becoming increasingly popular. This is a procedure that increases volume in the face by implanting fat removed from the patient's own body to his/her face. This procedure can minimize imperfections associated with aging to achieve a younger look.

These are considered to be the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures being done at the present time. There are many more procedures that are undertaken daily by board certified plastic surgeons the world over to help people achieve the look they desire.


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