A List of 50 Healthy Low Fat Foods

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If you have made the absolute decision to live a healthy life and trim down your excess weight, it is then high time for you to make the first move by taking out all the unhealthy foods stocked on your fridge in exchange of low-fat and low-caloric folds.

You may want to know what foods need to go. Well, these are junk foods foods which include fried frozen foods and burgers, cookies and chips, regular frozen meals, regular condiments like mayo and salad dressings, chocolates and ice cream.

If you have gotten rid of all those junk in your fridge, here is a list of healthy foods for a total lifestyle modification.

1. Number one on the list is none other than fresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits


2. chicken and turkey breasts
3. eggs or egg substitute
4. ground turkey
5. lean meats
6. fresh or frozen fish and seafood
7. sliced boiled ham
8. peanut butter
9. frozen or refrigerated grilled chicken pieces
10. almonds


11. low-fat cheese
12. low-fat cottage cheese
13. reduced-fat sour cream
14. low-fat yogurt
15. fat-free milk


16. cocktail sauce
17. salsa
18. vinegar
19. reduced-fat salad dressing
20. soy sauce
21. Butter Buds
22. light mayo
23. reduced-sugar fruit spread or jam

Grains, Bread & Cereal

24. brown rice
25. oatmeal
26. whole-grain bread
27. whole-grain, reduced-sugar, and bran cereals
28. whole-wheat pita
29. whole-grain crackers
30. pasta (better whole-grain pasta)

Canned Foods

31. tuna (canned in water, not oil)
32. tomato sauce
33. canned vegetables
34. canned beans
35. fat-free refried beans
36. broth-based soups
37. canned fruit

Frozen Foods

38. frozen yogurt
39. sorbet or sherbet
40. frozen meals with 300 calories or fewer each
41. Push-Ups
42. frozen fruits and vegetables
43. Fudgesicles

Rarely Sweets and Snacks

44. Jello cups
45. baked chips or pretzels
46. low-fat granola bars
47. lollipops
48. hard candies and gum
49. Tootsie Rolls
50. 3 Musketeers

By having all of these healthful, low-fat foods on hand, you'll be ready to handle last-moment meal preparation and any cravings that come your way!

Now that you have the information at hand, it is time for you to head to the groceries and choose the right food for a healthier mind and body.

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