A Cast-Iron Case for Range Cookers

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An investment in timeless style and long-term efficiency

There are few appliances whose contribution can be measured over a lifetime - but a Cast-Iron Range is one. Renowned for their longevity, your initial investment is returned over years of outstanding fuel efficient use to provide heating, hot water and cooking.

Buying a Cast-iron Range is an investment in decades of engineering expertise - but it's also a timeless feature that enhances the saleability and character of your home. Engineered for economy and efficiency, they also look beautiful. Ask anyone who grew-up with a cast-iron range: they'll remember the welcoming warm glow, and the simple pleasures of a true home.
An indulgence? No - an economical and practical choice.

When first developed over 70 years ago Stanley and Rayburn cast iron cookers were one of the most innovative and efficient ways to heat your home. These multi function ranges, which supplied continuous radiant warmth in the kitchen, saved both space and energy as shared heat from the central boiler was used to heat radiators, hot water and the ovens and hot plates which were used for cooking.

Today's Cast-Iron Ranges still offer these benefits, but have also evolved to match the lifestyles of working families and the standards required of any modern appliance. A Cast-Iron Range now meets BER benchmarks and uses high spec boilers that run at 84% efficiency which compare favourably with A rated stand-alone boilers.

A Cast-Iron Range now works with your life; the myth of the "always on" Range has been well and truly shattered. Independent timing and control makes them a flexible and practical choice. Compatibility with zone control heating and thermostatic controls ensure they fit easily into the most energy efficient homes.

The incomparable taste of Cast-Iron cooking.

Anybody who has cooked on a Cast-Iron Range will tell you - food just tastes better. From homemakers to Michelin-starred chefs, cast-iron is praised for its ability to protect flavour and retain moisture. It captures tastes that cannot be achieved with other cooking methods, while independent controls mean you can now cook whenever it suits.

The partnership of Oil and Cast-Iron

Cast-Iron ranges can run on almost any fuel. Many still opt for solid fuel, which originally fired these appliances - while others choose the convenience of oil or gas. While no carbon fuel can escape price-volatility, oil continues to be reliable and readily available, and now offers ever-increasing value. Oil is clean, safe and convenient, and gives every homeowner the chance to hedge fuel costs. Unlike electricity or gas, you can predict and control your energy expenses with every fill.

‘‘A range cooker not only adds a ‘wow' factor to a kitchen can even add to a homes resale value''

‘'Replacing an old boiler with a modern range cooker can reduce fuel costs by up to a quarter''

‘‘Kind-to-food radiant heat from the cast iron oven seals in the flavours and natural juices of food creating healthier, more delicious dishes"

Cast-Iron Cookers & Rayburn Cookers

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