4 Ways to Optimize Internet Lead Conversion

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Market experts hold the view that internet leads should be responded to within 30 minutes in order to convert them into customers, otherwise they will go elsewhere. This is not only true, it points towards the need for effective lead management and how crucial it is for a business success. There is a business motto that says, ‘Do not attract leads on the web until you optimize internet lead conversion’. While increasing leads is essential from a marketing point of view, enhancing the potential to convert them into customers is also vital.

How to Calculate Internet Lead Conversion

There is a formula to calculate internet lead conversion if you already attract good traffic to your website:

Number of Sales x100 Number of website visitors

Both the sales and visitor figures pertain to a specific time period. It will give you the percentage of leads that convert into customers. On this basis, you can calculate whether you need to focus more on converting your online leads.

How to Optimize Internet Lead Conversion

Here are some ways to increase the percentage of internet lead conversion:

1.For converting your leads, you will have to first target the right audience on the web. Find out which sections of the society are more interested in your products, such as college students, businessmen, IT engineers, and so on. Reach out to these people by selecting the right keywords in your marketing campaigns.

2.You can target the right leads by asking yourself questions from their point of view. The services you offer will then prompt the visitors to register with your company. Understand their expectations and utilize this understanding in the favor of your business.

3.Establish effective communication with your leads with the help of innovative tools, such as click to call, click to chat, click to video, and so on. These prompt contact methods encourage visitors to initiate a conversation and eventually convert them into customers.

4.Switch to social media in order to reach a wider and more targeted audience for your business. When a Facebook fan hits a ‘Submit’ button to make a query, you immediately get an alert on your phone number. When you come to know that one of your Facebook fans wants to connect, you call him back to make the initial connection in the process of converting him into a customer.

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