3D TV Myths and Facts explored

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With 3D TV getting extremely popular in the world, you will find people checking out what actually 3D TV is. You could check out latest 3D feature films such as Pixar's Up, James Cameron's Avatar and Alice in Wonderland which gave gained immense popularity as they have been in 3D format.

Well, our eyes see the same image from two different perspectives, but the 3D technology works to project a single two dimensional screen in a manner that one view is visible on the screen. By wearing special 3D classes you get to a three dimensional effect of the image.

Depending upon your TV provider and the TV technology, you can view TV programmes through HD box and the HD broadcast channel only if you have a 3D TV at home. At present, there are two 3D TV technologies available in the market.

The first one being polarized screens which are capable of displaying left and right images simultaneously and using a special filter to polarize the images differently. Over and above it when you wear 3D glasses you get a filtered and a corrected image to each eye.

On the other hand, the active shutter glass technology works effectively in blocking one eye and the other alternatively in a synchronized manner. While the alternating effect takes place on a very fast rate which the brain is not able to realize the alternating frames. The two different views so projected are then cleverly merged to make an in depth image.

Watching 3D programmes at home is equally convenient and enjoyable considering most 3D TV do adapt the latest technology. In fact with the additional facility of watching programmes through TV boxes enables you to pause, rewind and record 3D TV programmes. This could end your skepticism over whether you would enjoy watching 3D TV at home as compared to movie at a cinema hall.

With most TV providers providing High Definition programmes and even offering exclusive 3D channels it would be a good move to check out with 3D TV. In case you already have a digital TV set up at home along with a HD box, you simply need to opt for 3D TV. You can also keep track of TV providers who are likely to announce launching of special 3D channels which will be airing special sports events, movies and lots of entertainment programmes.

If you and your family are true movie and TV buffs, do make it a point to install the latest 3D TV in your home and enjoy many more sessions of family entertainment.

In case if you feel the 3D TV are slightly high priced, you could wait for some time till the 3D technology is well absorbed the viewers world wide while some more TV manufacturers to enter the foray which could lead to a decline in 3D TV prices.

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