30 Second to Mars Explain their Attachment to the ‘Night of the Hunter’

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During MTV’s "State of the Union" broadcast yesterday, 30 Seconds to Mars talked in detail about their musical connection with legendary rock band Nirvana in general and its lead singer Kurt Cobain in particular, their upcoming appearance on the Bamboozle Festival as the primary musical act and of course their future plans.

When the interview reached the part where they were about to disclose their future plans, the band broke the news that their next song from their album “This is War,” will be "Night of the Hunter." The band seemed to be a bit too excited talking about the single’s prospects, with the reason being that they have wanted to share it with their listeners for a very long time.

Leto told MTV that "Night of the Hunter" is likely to be their next song in the US, putting an end to more than a year of wait. According to the band frontman, it will be one of those singles, which immediately find their market and their dedicated pure listeners. And it is not like this was their personal opinion only. The fans have also wanted to get their hands on it ever since they heard its audio in late 2009. So if fans and the band both wanted it out, then what was stopping them from doing it? Leto revealed that for some strange reason, their record company and the radio stations were not too crazy about the song, although they have started to accept it now. He added, “It's really fun to have a song that's eclectic and different to be a single."

What Leto meant was that "Night of the Hunter” is the kind of song that a rock band has to sell it to many people before it reaches the release phase, and 30 Seconds to Mars have certainly paid their dues now.

Leto, who apart from being a rockstar, is also an actor, said that he would love to make Night of the Hunter’s video, as whenever they have played it live on stage, it has brought imagery to Leto’s mind. He explained, "The song really grew from ... my brother and I were born in Louisiana, we had a single mom ... who, at the time, was a high school dropout living in the South, [so we] really didn't have very much in terms of materialistic things. And although we moved out of the South when we were kids — you know, we joke we kind of climbed out of the muddy banks of the Mississippi River with food stamps in one hand and our instruments in the other — our mother helped carve a new life for us.” Leto believes that there is some kind of a Southern feel in the song and that is what makes him feel connected to it so much.

Leto, the face of the band, described the upcoming song by saying that it "encapsulates everything about 30 Seconds to Mars that we are interested in, musically." The song is scheduled to hit the country music radio stations very soon, which will be followed by an epic smooth jazz radio online video to go with its battling story.

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