3 Things to Know About Scottsdale Lipoaug

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Today’s belly fat can be tomorrow’s bust line with the benefits of fat transfer breast augmentation. Recent advances in medical technology have resulted in fat transfer becoming a more accessible surgery for women looking to accentuate the size of their breasts. Previously used only for reconstruction purposes, fat transfer is an effective procedure – but it is still relatively new in the medical world, and for this reason it is important to do your research if you are considering undergoing Scottsdale lipoaug. Here, we’ll take a look at three important things to know about this surgery.

1. It will not dramatically increase the size of your breasts. Scottsdale lipoaug uses fat cells harvested from another area of your body, and since there are no prosthetic implants involved with the surgery, your body will absorb some of the fat cells back into your body naturally. So, your surgeon will have to over-inject the breasts in order to reach the size you desire after some of the fat cells have been absorbed away from the injection sites. Depending on the health of your fat cells and the skill of your surgeon, you can expect about 60 – 75% fat survival after the healing process. Patients usually report a modest increase in breast size, becoming typically about a cup size fuller.

2. It requires more time and commitment. Since the procedure essentially involves both a liposuction and breast augmentation, Scottsdale lipoaug typically takes a bit longer to perform and can be more expensive than traditional breast augmentation. Be sure to discuss your financing options with your surgeon so that you can comfortably pay for your surgical results, and ensure that you feel well-informed concerning the pre-operative and post-operative recovery process. You shouldn’t have many questions going into the operating room, if any – don’t be afraid to address any questions or concerns you may have with your surgeon.

3. You should work with an experienced medical professional. Scottsdale lipoaug is relatively new in the medical field, and not many surgeons can lay a claim to being experienced in the surgery. For this reason, make sure that you’re working with a surgeon who can place your needs and goals first and foremost with enough experience to back up their claims. Ask to see before and after pictures if at all possible, and make the most of your pre-surgical consultation; don’t hold back when it comes to finding out if your surgeon is the right medical professional for you!

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