2011 Why satellite tv?

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With so many TV choices available today you may be struggling as to which one to purchase. DIRECT TV offers you the most for your dollar. You will benefit from buying DIRECT TV from http://www.localtv-satellite.com/ in many ways.

DIRECT TV Cinema allows you access to over 400 of the newest movie releases, some available almost a month before Netflix or Red box.
There are over 6,000 movies and shows available at no charge.
All new movie releases are available in 1080hp; this is the same amazing picture quality as Blue-ray.
You will have access to free HD services.
You will have access to over 160 of your favorite channels to enjoy your favorite shows.
You can get your sports in HD.
HD DVR allows you to record your shows and watch them when you want at any time.
DIRECT TV offers you superior technology.
The customer support is award winning.
You can get mobile apps.
DIRECT TV offers high-speed Internet bundles.

DIRECT TV is committed to customer service and believes that excellence is more than a goal, itís a promise. DIRECT TV offers the TV experience that you cannot find anywhere else. They offer 24/7 customer service support and they offer access from phone, email or online. Everything is done to offer you the best TV viewing experience you can possibly have. In a world where big box stores have become the norm and customer service has taken a back seat to volume it is nice to have a company that is focused on the customer.

Another benefit of choosing DIRECT TV is free installation and support. An installer will come to your home and hook up your TV, including crawling under your home, running the wires and putting in the jacks, a service you pay for at other companies. When the installer has completed installation, they will show you how to work the system. It says a lot about a company when even the contracted employees are focused on making sure the customer has a great experience.

The signal for your TV services is crisp, clear, and uninterrupted. You get the best picture and sound for your viewing pleasure. Even in times of weather problems, your TV signal will be great, unless of course the weather is so bad that other services are interrupted.

Another positive of DIRECT TV is the ease of use, the remote control is easy to understand and the menu options are clear. It is easy to navigate between the guide and recording shows. The ease of this system allows you to get from one point to another without having to switch remotes or scroll through unwanted options. Overall, this easy to use system allows you a huge range of options.

DIRECT TV is the overall leader in customer service and support. The quality of your TV does not matter if you cannot get someone to help you when you are having problems. Customer service is a huge selling point and is the sign of a good company.

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