200: 5th Episode of South Park Season 14

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"200" or the famous fifth episode of 14th season of South Park was first aired on Comedy Central in US on 14 April 2010. In the episode, all the celebrities who are teased by the residents of South Park prepare to file class act proceedings against the city.
This episode was enjoyed most by people who watch South Park regularly. However, the new viewers also liked it.

The episode was written as well as directed by Trey Parker, plus was rated TV-MA L in US. For celebrating their landmark chapter, Parker as well as fellow series co-maker Matt Stone made a decision for writing a fresh episode combining a lot of of South Park's precedent story lines as well as controversies.

"200" includes a lot of celebrities who were mocked in other famous episodes of the series; the list includes Cruise, Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, Mel Gibson and George Lucas. The episode even involves a subplot where Cart man learns he might not recognize the right character of his father. It was thought in the 2nd season episode "Cart man's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut" that his inter sexual mother is his father, however the happenings of "200" and the following episode disclose that this was not a case.

"200" got all positive reviews. As per to Nielsen Media's Investigation, the episode was watched by 3.33 million spectators, making it most watched cable TV program of night.

The idea for "200", though, was conceived prior to the fourteenth season started in March 2010, and prior to any of season 14 South Park episodes. When trying to make a decision how to celebrate 200th episode, Parker along with the fellow co-creator Matt Stone began reviewing the controversies and the plots of the previous episodes, a lot of which had a general thread to mock a particular superstar. This led to an idea of having all celebrities band together in the class action proceedings beside the town.

All through the episode, Cart man makes us of a hand-puppet con-artiste named Mitch Connor, who most probably just been made by Cart man in trying to fool Kyle in seventh season event "Fat Butt and Pancake Head", starting again his role to pretend to be Jennifer Lopez as well as utilizing a lot of offensive Hispanic typecasts in his depiction of her. The hand puppet representation is very much related to the work of Spanish ventriloquist Senor Wences.

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