10 Birthday Party Ideas

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If you have a birthday party to plan, you may be wondering what to do for the party to make it extra special. It can be a lot of fun to do something exciting and unique to celebrate the big day. To make a birthday special and memorable, here are ten great birthday party ideas that will be a blast.

Party Idea #1 - Pool Party

One of the most exciting birthday party ideas, especially in the summer months, is a pool party. This is especially fun if you have a pool of your own. You can enjoy swimming, having a poolside barbecue, and everyone will stay cool. Just make sure you keep the gifts away from the water. If you want to have a pool party in the summer, find an indoor pool and hold your party there.

Party Idea #2 - Theme Park Party

Another fun idea for a birthday party is to have a theme park party. Consider taking the entire day to the theme park. Enjoy the fun of jumping on roller coasters and other rides together. This party idea is especially great for teenagers that enjoy going to theme parks on a regular basis.

Party Idea #3 - Dance Party

Is the birthday guy or gal someone who enjoys dancing? If so, then consider having a fun dance party for everyone. Rent a club or a party room that has plenty of open space, or if you have a big back yard, that is perfect too. Use a nightclub theme for the party to really set the atmosphere. You can either create a fun dance mix of your own or have fun hiring a dj to take care of all the music for the party.

Party Idea #4 - Fine Dining Party

When you are looking for great birthday party ideas, don't forget the idea of a fine dining party. Consider holding the party at a nice restaurant. Most of them will have party rooms that you can reserve. The great thing about this kind of a party is that it is elegant, fun, and you don't have to worry about a lot of work for the party either, since the restaurant takes care of all the food and the cleanup.

Party Idea #5 - Spa Party

If you are planning a party for a woman that enjoys being pampered or one that just doesn't have the time to be pampered, consider having a spa party at a local spa. This is a great party for the girls, and you can book massagers, manicures, pedicures, and more. At the end of the day, you will all go home feeling amazing after this type of a birthday party.

Party Idea #6 - Bowling Party

Does everyone in the family love bowling? If so, why not turn this into a great party idea. Consider renting the bowling alley near you and having the party there. Everyone can enjoy all the fun of bowling, and there is plenty of room for everyone on the party list at the bowling alley. You may want to find out if it is okay to bring in your own refreshments to the bowling alley before you completely plan out the party.

Party Idea #7 - Drive in Theater Party

Are you lucky enough to have a drive in theater in your area that still plays movies? If so, you can have a great party there. Many drive in theaters will allow you to bring coolers along with you. In this case, you can bring along drinks and some party snacks to enjoy while everyone watches the movie outdoors.

Party Idea #8 - Twilight Party

Twilight is a big hit, both the books and the movies, and this is a great party idea, especially if you are holding a party for a teenager. You can make the entire party Twilight themed. Consider holding the party at twilight and decorating with themed decorations. Have two teams at the party - team vampire and team werewolf, to make everything even more fun.

Party Idea #9 - Luau Party

If you have the ability to have your party outdoors, a Luau party is a wonderful idea. Take your backyard and turn it into a tropical paradise by using tiki lights, palm trees that are inflatable, and more. Have leis for all the guests when they arrive and have guests dress up in Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts as well. Be sure to have a limbo contest, have some hula dancing, and plenty of tasty Hawaiian food too.

Party Idea #10 - Wild West Party

Yet another birthday party idea is to hold a Wild West party, which will be a huge amount of fun. Tell the guests to dress up as cowgirls and cowboys for the party. Use hay bales, horseshoes, and checked tablecloths to make it feel like you are in the west. Throw on some good cowboy music and have some dancing as well.

These are just a few fun birthday party ideas that you can use to make a party special. Just remember, the most important part of the party is spending time with those you love.


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