ZTE V880 VS Samsung i5700

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Now maybe somebody want to buy ZTE V880 or Samsung i5700, and the two machines now basically at the same price. So I want to make a comparison for these two smartphones.

On the screen, regardless of OLED material, or TFT material quality, 800 * 480 screen resolution of ZTE V880 directly to put the 5700's 480 *320 down. I personally think the best resolution of Android system should be 800 * 480 or more, many large games only in this resolution in order to have the best results. V880 screen has been close to iphone4 screen, and it does not show inferior when put it together with iPhone4.
On the Memory, after entire brush the process, v880 can reach more than 300MB, and i5700 was a miserable 100MB. In normal use, V880 do not have to concern about how much memory is left, because it always no less than 200MB, about i5700, even though frequent brushing process, the memory still seems "out at the elbows", after a time it will be less than 70MB .
In CPU and 3D accelerated aspects, the incomplete drive ofi i5700 cannot fully play its performance, in addition, compared to i5700, v880 has more functionality such as light sensor, proximity sensor, LED lights warn.

Touch Screen
On Screen aspects, even if put the v880 on the table, you can also sensitivity operate phone with your fingers. The same behavior is completely no use on the i5700, place i5700 on the desktop, touch screen responded very slow, basically unusable. Meanwhile, when charging, there may occur touch-screen failure. However, when sliding around desktop V880 is not as smooth as i5700. But when running the program, V880 is more smoothly than i5700.
When gaming, the advantage of 880 is more obvious, most of games can be smooth running, about i5700, the screen shows a large delay, not playability.
Video Playback
i5700 have extra Divx hard solution chip, when play Divx format's movies, i5700 has exceptional advantages, the same format cannot be played on the V880. But the videos need to be converted when you want to watch on these two phones, while the 800 * 480 OLED screen effect of V880 is much better than i5700.
The photograph function of V880 is poor than i5700, Only when the outdoor light strong, the camera effect of V880 reluctantly can let a person to accept, once into the dark environment, a lot of noise and color cast photos will not have any value. The 5700 is stronger more, to meet the daily application. But the Filmed speed of i5700 is much lower than V880.

Loud speaker, the ZTE V880 seems to be putted some bass component, when playing the game can obviously feel the V880's sound is more shock and vigorous, and i5700 more than superficial. But, after all, the speaker size is limited, in large volume, the advantage had become a disadvantage, V880 sometimes appears broken sound.
Put inside, it is worth mentioning that, because with DSP, 2.2 sound quality of i5700 compared with the 2.1 has significantly improved. The 880 seems to inherit some loud speaker features, the bass effect is more apparent.
Phone Function
Unfortunately, 5700 is difficult to satisfactory in this regard. Not to mention that there will be no reason in the part of the ROM in case of loss of signal and sim card is bad, the experience in the use is also not good. If daily call little may not feeling too protruding, but when the phone is for long time, you will find that even just open the dial pad is an unbearable thing. Open the contact is even more difficult, when the program running in the background, it is possible to take several seconds to open contacts. The ZTE V880 has no such problem, and regardless of when open dial-up panel and contacts are very quickly. Believe it is benefit from V880 512MB ram. However, V880 have no dial-up keys and on-hook keys, and navigation keys, slightly inconvenience.

It can be said, 800 * 480 screen resolution is the biggest highlight of ZTE V880. However, the 5700 is not bad for the software compatibility, use i5700 can also completely appreciate Android charm.

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