Zhu Zhu Pets - A Hottest Kids Toy

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Copyright (c) 2011 Sandra Tiffany

Zhu Zhu pets are something to see. The tiny creatures are motorized hamsters and frankly, I initially could not fully grasp why they are so well liked. It is lucky for the scene that I'm not involved in toy development.

There are five Zhu Zhu hamsters: Num Nums, Mr. Squiggles, Patches, Pipsqueak and Chunk. They each have their own personalities, looks and individual traits. Who would have imagined that five motorized hamsters would be such a preferred toy?

My child had a real hamster when she was growing up so maybe the toy marketplace is on to something. There's no cleaning up, no feeding them, no locating the little creatures when they escape and no stressing if they are still alive after a vacation.

There are tons of accessories that make them even more fun to play with. So take out the check book and add to your list a hamster pet adventure ball, skateboard, done, carrier and blanket and the conventional wheel and tunnel.

They even make babies that the toy hamsters can push around in a little baby stroller. They have a skunk hamster pet, a pink one and tons of other cute hamsters that are great for kids. There are even battle hamsters that are more aimed toward boys that can fight each other and they have cool designs on them. There are also tubes that can be purchased that the Zhu Zhu pets can run through.

The hamsters are toys that when the "on" button is pushed they move with their wheels around the room. It really is cute and they are a nice toy to have for a kid or even or a pet to play with.

There are even toy hamsters made to look like other animals, like the skunk and the cow. There are also large plush hamster-like pets that are for cuddling and they don't move around on wheels.

There are tons of different types of pets to seek out and even collect. There is even a hamster pet convertible sports car! Zhu Zhu pets are great gifts for children of any age. They make great toys for pets to chase and they are very cute to watch roll around the living room. Children will never get bored with all of the cool accessories that can be purchased and just trying one out will get any person hooked.


Sandra remembers when her kid had a real hamster and that's why she loves the motorized hamsters that are Zhu Zhu pets--what a relief! She enthusiastically included on the site a Zhu Zhu toy shop and auctions, all sorts of Zhu Zhu pet supplies and even dog supplies as well as great "Deals of the Day".


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