Zeltiq Continues To Rise In Popularity

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Zeltiq, a new, noninvasive way to lose fat that was recently approved to be effective is gradually becoming a popular alternative to liposuction today.

Being a non-surgical way to remove unwanted fats in the body, Zeltiq, also known as the coolsculpting treatment is suddenly becoming popular to those who have body issues.

Zeltiq is a cosmetic procedure discovered by many to be a noninvasive alternative to liposuction. This method works by making use of a clamp like device with two attached gel patches. The unwanted fat is clamped between the two patches, causing the fat cells in the body to freeze and die, then, becoming absorbed by the body over some time.

The procedure requires no anesthesia because it is very painless, good for those persons that are afraid to go under a knife through other surgical fat removal procedure.

The Coolsculpting treatment works by using the science of cryolipolysis or the decomposition of fat by freezing them. Fat cells under the skin are less responsive on low temperature that causes them to die before the cells surrounding them do, therefore, the skin is protected during the procedure.

The results of the procedure are not seen instantly since it takes some time for the body to process the frozen and dead fat cells. The results of the procedure can be permanent depending on the patient’s maintenance of regular exercise and proper diet. Since the procedure is intended to freeze off already existing fats and not preventing fats to develop, the long-term result of the procedure relies entirely on the individual.

The procedure is mostly recommended on normal weighted persons with only just stubborn flab areas that cannot be made to go away by regular exercise and proper diet. The procedure is not recommended to excessively overweight persons saying that nothing can replace the benefits of proper diet and exercise.

The treatment, compared to liposuction requires less cost and time. The procedure last for approximately one hour and can be completed in a doctor’s office. It also has minimal side effects that is only limited to soreness, redness, or bruising. There is also a mild pain and tugging sensation that patients compared to as pain caused by “stretching a rubber band” which usually subsides after the area has been numb because of the cold.

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