Yuko Hair Straightening Technique

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This permanent hair straightening technique originates in Japan. It uses heat as a way of reconstructing the bonds in your hair allowing it to lie flat, straight, glossy and smooth. This system works on most hair types (expect afro) and your hair needs to be a minimum length of four or five inches.

The straightening treatment brought to you by the Yuko hair straightening system can dramatically change the look and feel of your hair. It actually leaves your hair in better condition despite the fact it is done using chemicals. Although this treatment is permanent you may wish to repeat the process every six to 10 months depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Many people are worried about undergoing procedures such as the Yuko hair straightening as there is a worry surrounding it about possible damage to your hair. Everyone knows that chemical substances on your hair can cause damage but in the case of the Yuko hair treatment this isnt the case. Yes this straightening procedure is performed using chemicals but damage shouldn't be caused as long as the right products and procedures are used.

The majority of women in the UK straighten their hair on a daily basis, which is a process that on average takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. This amounts to nearly 300 hours a year! The Yuko system takes three to five hours to work its magic, depending on the length and type of hair.

The Yuko system involves the following process:

• Your hair is washed, and then sprayed with pH balanced water, which prepares your hair to accept the neutralizing solution.
• Pre-treatment protection is applied to your hair to prevent it from being damaged.
• The first chemical applied to your hair softens it and makes each strand stretchier.
• The neutralizers is washed out and the hair is rinsed through with hair water.
• The hair is divided into small sections and straightened using hair irons. This can take around two hours for medium length hair.
• Another chemical is applied which sets the hair in its current shape - completely straight. This is left on for quarter of an hour before it is rinsed off and more hair water is sprayed through the hair.

• The hair is blow dried and the hair straightness are quickly run through the hair to provide a sleek and glossy finish.

If your hair is coloured or bleached the Yuko treatment can still be applied, however you will have to wait at least two weeks before it can be performed. Once the treatment has been applied to your hair it is highly important that you do not wash it for 48 hours and also avoid tucking it behind your ears and tying it up.

If you are hoping to have the Yuko treatment applied to your hair then it is important that you have a consultation with your hair dresser/stylist to ensure that your hair is in a suitable condition to have the treatment applied.

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