Your vote should go in favor of only those who think of your welfare – Priyanka Gandhi

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Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on the importance of voting: Your vote should go in favor of only those who think of your welfare. I'd like to remind you that your power to vote is your biggest strength. You will have to treat this seriously. When you vote and elect your MP, when you choose your representative, you automatically contribute towards your countries future. Who is running the country, what kind of a political party is in power, are they striving for the betterment of the country, do they want you to move forward, will their coming to power benefit your constituency, will it favorably impact the future of your children, these are the questions you have to ask yourself. If you are desirous of development, if you want to bring about a change in your lives, then you should consider your vote very precious. Then you should know that your vote is a power that makes a leader. Your vote gets a politician his power. Nobody can become a leader without your votes, without your support. So don't forget that you possess this strength. So I ask you, why is your vote precious? It is precious because it not just contains your right but also your strength! What sort of strength is this? The strength to bring about change, to bring about development! If you want to bring about change in the way politics is done, then utilize your right to vote. If you want to bring about a change in your country, then use your right to vote. So try to understand, with full responsibility what this right means. When you get this right, once is 5 years, what does it mean. It, of course, represents your desire to bring about a change in your constituency, to better the future of your family! But if you rise above your village, your district, your region, you'll realize that this is a chance for your country. Your country in an extension of your family, every citizen is like a member of the family. So think about your country. How can you contribute to the development of your country? And how will you live up to and express your love for your country. It is not essential that if you love your country you have to join the army. Your love for your country also means that you exercise your right to vote, responsibly.

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