Your Indoor Tanning Lotions Suggestions

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Whether you are a beginner tanner planning your first trip to the tanning salon, or whether you are already a regular tanner, you may still be curious about the use of indoor tanning lotions. Most people are aware of the lotions used for out door tanning but the benefits of using an indoor tanning lotion might be confusing to you. If you want to start developing your tan or even if you are just maintaining it, you can find lotions available to suit your needs.

The mineral oils found in sun block which is used outside will damage the arylics of tanning beds and so it is strongly advised not to use them for indoor tanning. Although indoor lotions are safe to use, you might occasionally experience some tingling effects, which differs from one product to the other. Up to now it has not been possible to guarantee the tingle that one experiences when using this type of lotion because it varies according to each different skin type. However, you should not worry if you experience a mild tingling on your skin. This occur because the product is already beginning to work on darkening your skin. It increases blood flow in order to accelerate the tanning process which is why you feel this sensation when using indoor tanning lotions.

At the start of your tanning program a bronzer might be the perfect choice for helping to develop your base tan. Within only a week or two you can see far more dramatic results than simply using a tanning bed on its own. It can take up to ten weeks to reach a full tan so the use of a bronzing indoor tanning lotion is great if you have a big event coming up and need just enough of a sun-kissed glow to complete your look.

There are also indoor tanning lotions that give particular sensations to enhance your time in the tanning bed. Sizzlers live up to their name as they do give you a tingling sensation while you tasn and this might last for some time afterwards. Therefore tingle lotions should only be used by experienced tanners since they can cause redness and some amount of discomfort to a beginner tanner. On the other hand, you might prefer a cooling lotion to make that ten to thirty minute session a bit more bearable. These lotions will ensure that the time spent in the tanning bed is a somewhat cooler experience than when using a sizzle lotion.

After your tanning session it is advisable to follow up with a good quality moisturizer and there are many good skin creams available to moisturise and soothe you afterwards. Keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated is especially important when you are tanning, and you should use a specially developed moisturizer after every trip to the salon. When these are used in conjunction with each other the different lotions can help you make the most of every salon or home tanning session, and help maintain that tan, making it look all the lovelier in the end!

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