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At the dental practice of Dr. Bart Kreiner, DDS, all the staff are always at the forefront of dental research and use the latest methods and technology to help our patients' achieve their desired smiles. Our philosophy is to raise the standard of dental care, not just meet it, which he does daily at Dr. Kreiner Family Dentistry, in Bel Air, Maryland. Dr. Kreiner talks about many aspects of dentistry of interest to his patients, from fixing a chipped tooth to whitening teeth to how gum disease can affect you during pregnancy. And whether you want to come in for a cleaning, consultation or receive a complete smile makeover, Dr. Kreiner Family Dentistry can help you.

1. Even people who think they know a lot about dental health don't know everything. Did you know that chewing ice is the biggest cause of chipped teeth? Or that eating cheddar cheese after ingesting sugar will decrease the likelihood of tooth decay? Yes, there are many facts every dental patient should know.
2. You should tell your dentist of any change in your medical condition, and also tell him of any serious allergies or other issues. This is not just to protect your dentist, it is to protect yourself.

3. We always make a dentist's office clean and create a soothing dental environment for every patient. Sterilizing equipment is crucial when you are at the dentist's office, and we do it properly. Nothing is reused that shouldn't be, and people can rest assured that they are in a safe, sterile and caring environment which can raise the standard of dental care. Nobody should feel scared of the dentist, and the staff do all they can to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable. This includes not only a happy atmosphere, but also relaxing neck pillows, places to lie down, and TV programs and DVDs on tap.
4. We often get children to behave at the dentist. Teaching children to learn to like and respect the dentist from an early age is important, and helping them to understand why a dental visit is vital to their health is the first step. Most children can learn to behave well at the dentist and not be scared in no time. The trick, first of all, is for the parents to set a good example. Then most children just need things explained to them carefully and patiently.

5. Insurance providers often only prescribe the bare minimum. So if you want to get the best for your money, you may want to visit a dentist who will tell you what really needs to be done to your teeth and not only what the insurance companies will provide.
6. Oraverse will allow patients to return to work soon after their dental procedure has been completed, as it counteracts the effect of the numbing process. It is not suitable for people who have had root canals or other more serious procedures, but good for those who only underwent a simple filling, for example.
7. We use lasers to remove tooth decay. Lasers are very useful to get rid of simple tooth decay. They work quickly, the procedure is painless, and it is soothing and quiet for those who are scared of a dentist's drill. Ask at your next visit if your dentist uses lasers.
8. Everyone wants brighter and whiter teeth, and people are willing to pay a lot of money and make great efforts to get their gnashes looking good. But many folk don't realize that you can potentially ruin a professional whitening job if you don't know enough about the process. Don't think that just because you have had your teeth whitened that they will stay that way forever. You need to do special things to keep them sparkling white, such as avoiding red wine and too much java.
9. Every patient wants to know the benefits of dental bridges. Dental bridges are cemented in the mouth and are not intended to be removed, unless they need to be replaced. Most people adapt to them well, and before long, they feel like the real thing. Within just 48 hours, they can hardly remember that they have had a dental procedure.
10. Dental bridge placement can be finished immediately if the treatment is planned properly. The advantage to having an immediate dental bridge replacement to the patient is aesthetics, as the patient would not be walking around with a hole where the tooth is missing. The other advantage is function. But for some reason, most dentists are not doing this as part of their routine.
11. In real life, teeth are not perfectly white, and generally speaking, not perfectly straight. Many people dream of having perfectly straight and milk-white teeth. But if you have dentures made to look that way, unfortunately, the result is false-looking teeth. However, we can make natural-looking dentures for you.
12. We also talk about the truth about tooth contouring. Tooth contouring is when minor adjustments are made to make a difference, usually in the way a tooth appears. However, it is not used often because it is rarely suitable for the majority of people. For example, tooth contouring is done to give a patient the appearance of having straighter teeth, without having to undergo the process of wearing braces.
13. Sometimes a plain old dental x-ray is not enough, which is why Bart Kreiner Dentistry uses periapical x-rays, which show the entire tooth, including the root. It gives the dentist a better overall picture on what is actually happening inside the mouth.
14. A woman can increase her chance of getting gum disease while she is pregnant. Gum disease, or periodontal disease can affect the unborn child, lead to low birth weight and even premature birth, and severe periodontal disease can even cause low birth rate in the child.
15. Neuromuscular dentistry relates to teeth involvement of the muscle structure with the bone and the joints. Neuromuscular dentistry presents unique challenges to a dentist, and can be difficult yet rewarding. Sometimes it has to do with TMJ disorders; other times it is because of a nerve conditions such as Bell's palsy.
16. Dentists have many ways to fix a chipped tooth, sometimes as easy as using a composite resin to make it look and perform better. And it only takes a few minutes to make your fixed teeth last a decade.
17. We use Shadevision for tooth color matching. Teeth actually have a variety of colors, so it's important to make the replaced teeth match the other teeth in color as closely as possible. It's now a lot easier to make resin or prosthetics that accurately match the shade of your teeth, thanks to a revolutionary computer color matching program.

If you want to know more about Dr. Kreiner's family dentistry, please feel free to browse our website or contact us.

The information in the article is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your healthcare provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with an appropriate healthcare provider.

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