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Almost all children make their elders as their models and copy figures. In short, children do what the adults do. This applies to almost all things, including child rearing, for which reason plaything babies were played originally. So when baby perambulators were made, it is not surprising then that doll prams were to follow suit one way or another.

Strollers have long been in use: evidence has shown that the Greeks used a pram with two wheels when the 'glory that was Greece' was at its golden age. Since then, baby carriages have been used in one form, style and manner or another everywhere. By 1650, children's carriages started to be used by the elite, and the Third Duke of Devonshire had a adorned baby carriage conceptualized by the English architect William Kent.

Nobody knows when really doll carriages started to be used, though between 1853 and 1880, a worker in the Frampton Pram Factory probably made one for his daughter. Doll prams are, after all, natural development of the toy culture.

A doll stroller, just like its adult version, serves a few benefits to its owner. For one, it makes playing with the toy baby easier, whether for ease or for showing off. In other words, a doll pram allows the child to easily take her darling 'child' with her. And don't forget, a fine-looking doll stroller also adds a good reason for a child to be proud of the plaything itself. As a gift, a doll pram adds elegance to the plaything, and enhances the maternal caring instinct being enhanced by playing with dolls.

Known doll pram manufacturers

A business exchange website indicates the number of doll pram manufacturers, importers and exports to be about three million all over the world, many of them from China. However, following are some of the more known manufacturers and a little history of each.

Chicco. This is a member of the multinational corporation Artsana of Italy and present in more than 100 countries, with the branches for manufacturing, distribution and sales. The company makes toys, safety equipment, cosmetics, feeding bottles, pacifiers, feeding plates and apparel for babies, toddlers and juveniles.

Chicco USA, an American subsidiary, sells furniture, toys and accessories for children of almost all ages. Car seats, strollers, high chairs, backpack carriers, ride-on and dolls as well as doll accessories, feeding kits, breast pumps, pacifiers and many other items are retailed by Chicco USA. The company was founded in 1958. 'Chicco' is pronounced "KEE-ko" not "CHEE-ko".

Silver Cross is a manufacturer of prams in Britain and is famous for its four-wheel strollers with wooden bodies and good suspension. It was formed by William Wilson, a mailman in Leeds, in 1877 to make perambulators, the old label for baby carriages, with unique features likefolding sun bonnets.
The company grew enough to require additional space 20 years after, and was granted a royal warrant before the founder died in 1913. The company continued under his three sons, and moved to bigger quarters in Guiseley in 1936.

Zapf Creation. Zapf Creation AG began in 1932 as Max Zapf Puppen-und Spielwarenfabrik, (Max Zapf Dolls and Playware Factory). It makes, retails and promotes baby items to Europe, the Americas, and Asia|Australia through its subsidiaries under BABY born, Baby Annabell, and CHOU CHOU names. The company is headquartered in Roedental, Germany.

BRIO's history started in Sweden when in 1884 basket-maker Ivar Bengtsson marketed toys. Previous to that Ivar was making baskets, and trading other items. By 1907 the company was prospering much, that Ivar transferred the management to his sons Victor, Anton and Emil. BRIO was officially born the next year when it was named Broderma Ivarsson Osby (Brothers Ivarsson Osby). Today BRIO is a transnational venture, and the most famous in wooden playthings. BRIO can boast of hundreds of toys in its selling list, still planned in Osby and made of wood.

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