Younger Looking Skin with Laser Genesis in Oregon

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Around the state, patients are discovering how laser genesis can help them achieve younger looking skin using the latest technological advances in the medical industry. Every day, people from around the country decide to seek help for their wrinkles, fine lines and skin discoloration. Many skin rejuvenation procedures are designed to treat skin on the face, neck and chest, which laser genesis does very effectively. This procedure also helps to get rid of acne scarring, so patients should discuss all possible benefits of laser genesis with a qualified physician to better understand all of its uses.

The laser energy in this procedure is directed beneath the skin's surface to help stimulate the production and growth of new collagen. This collagen production should continue over time, allowing results to be enjoyed in the months following the procedure. Laser genesis is non-ablative, meaning that it does not destroy the superficial layer of skin, unlike some other treatments. The laser energy also targets the tiny vessels beneath the skin, which helps to get rid of red or ruddy complexions, especially those resulting from rosacea. The end result of this procedure is often smoother skin with a more attractive appearance. By helping patients find relief for their wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin discoloration and large pores, many patients around Portland, Oregon have been able to achieve their goal of beautiful, younger looking skin

What attracts many patients to laser genesis in Oregon is the fact that no downtime is required following treatment. The skin will be warmed during the procedure, but patients are able to return to work or resume their normal daily activities after treatment. The skincare professional who performs this procedure will be of further assistance in advising the patient on how to care for the treated area following treatment.

This procedure may be used in combination with other procedures for enhanced results. Chemical peels are commonly used with laser genesis procedures, but patients should speak to a medical professional for more information about combining treatments. Patients may also want to discuss improving the appearance of other scars on other parts of the body.

By utilizing laser technology, many cosmetic physicians and surgeons have discovered new and improved ways of delivering satisfying results to patients. Laser technology has made its way into several fields of the medical industry, and has helped thousands of patients achieve desired cosmetic results and find relief from a variety of diseases or medical conditions.

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