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The Happy New Year day is one holiday that the whole world looks forward to in unison. Interestingly, sending a Happy New Year SMS has become the norm. Obviously, it is not possible for people to assemble at one place with all of their friends and family as a result of the phenomenon of globalization. Apparently, there has to be some means of staying connected especially at the time of the New Year approaching. The sms revolution seemed to have come up with an answer in response to this necessity.
It is a given that development in science and technology has redefined the ways in which people communicate with each other. The advent of mobile technology deserves special mention in this regard. Although, the primary function of the mobile is voice based but with the changing times and advancing technology, sms short for short messaging service has emerged as a very popular mode of communication. The sms has come to establish itself as highly ubiquitous in the telecom domain.
Mostly, people are used to sending sms using mobile phones. But a new way of sending sms is poised to take over as the new platform to reckon with. This is a web platform based on the internet. Apparently, every nook and corner of the country will start sending free sms as a consequence of internet penetration. Talking of the social networking sites; every other social network provides the messaging facility. This very fact is expected to promote more of internet usage in staying connected; sms being central to this thriving trend.
When it comes to sending free sms by way of the web, One of the country’s leading Free SMS website Youmint claims to be one such unique website which caters to all the messaging needs; the young generation in particular. A visit to this website clearly makes it stand apart from the rest. The major highlights of this website are firstly, you can send free sms – the essence of many such websites. Secondly, you have readymade templates suited to all your needs; you are spared the need to type. Last but not the least; you have at your disposal ingenuous collection of sms arranged based on specific categories, New Year day celebrations in particular.
In case you are reading this article you might want to visit the Youmint’s website. You could even explore it to gain better understanding of the website’s appeal.

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