You can't fight aging, but you can fight the signs With Dermal Fillers

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Whether you've been laid off or you just want to return to the workforce, it is a fact that you have a lot of competition. College graduates and young adults looking to advance are going to the same interviews that you are and unfortunately, your years of life and work experience don't necessarily give you an edge over your younger counterparts.

Employers are also looking for energy, youth and new ideas. But, you've got energy! But wait, the mirror tells a different story. Sagging skin, lines and wrinkles make you look old and tired. For a quick and inexpensive fix before your next interview, consider BOTOX to freshen up your face.

You can't fight aging, but you can fight the signs. As you get older, your skin loses volume and elasticity-that's where fine lines and wrinkles come in. While you may have had fun getting your laugh lines and other wrinkles, they add years to your face which puts you at a disadvantage against a fresh young man or woman who is interviewing for the same job.

Some strategically placed injections of BOTOX relax the muscles and smooths out the lines and winkles. This takes those years off. The perception by potential employers is that you have vitality, energy and experience. One treatment of BOTOX will last up to six months so you can have several interviews before you need a touch-up. This filler is also on the lower end of the cost scale too.

Depending on the size of the area that needs treatment, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $650 per session. This is really a small price to pay for a successful job interview. If you are wary of BOTOX, don't be. The product is safe provided you have an experienced and board certified plastic surgeon perform the procedure. Yes, it is made from Botulinum toxin which causes the food poisoning botulism.

It is a neurotoxin which paralyzes the muscles so that they aren't contracting and causing the wrinkling. If you are worried about having that expressionless look so often associated with this product, you can avoid it by having it done properly.

Don't try to skimp on the cost by going to a BOTOX party or by someone not certified in plastic surgery. In the hands of a non-professional is when it becomes dangerous.

When you look as young as you feel, you will also go into your interview with confidence in yourself and your abilities. You want have to stress as you sit in the waiting room surrounding by twenty-something. Take control of your future instead of falling victim to aging. A fresh face and a fresh start-that is what this procedure can do for you.
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