You Can Lose Ten Pounds Without Any Dieting

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This is by far one of the best kept secrets in the beauty business. And I use it all the time. It is a surefire way to easily take ten pounds off your appearance without dieting or losing any weight. Or even doing any exercise for that matter...

Here are the 3 magic words- improve your posture.

Most people, myself included, have a natural tendency to slump or hunch over. This is especially true later in the day when we may start to feel tired. It is also true when we sit at a desk for extended periods of time. And it is also very common in women who are taller than average. I myself am on the tall side, and I think some of this may have to do with the teasing I experienced in my youth.

But the fact remains, when you sit or stand up straight, your stomach is less pronounced. Your spine is in proper alignment and if you have jowls or a double chin, it will also be far less noticeable.

So that's the good news- sitting up straight works like magic, and it works instantly. The not so great news is: if you don't already have good posture, sitting and standing up straight takes some practice. But take heart ladies, I have trained myself to have really good posture and I know you can do the same.

Here are a few tips that may help. Pick which one works for you and work it girl!

One trick I like to use is to actually pretend I'm at the beach. In my bathing suit. Did you ever notice how when you are in your bathing suit you automatically suck your tummy in and stand up nice and tall? Well we all do this naturally because we know people will be looking at us. So if you just imagine you are in a teeny tiny bikini while you are at work or out and about, you will actually stand and sit straighter. Give it a try, it really works.

The other way I help to remind myself to stand and sit tall is to imagine there is a giant magnet right above my head that pulls me up. I focus on that magnet for a few moments and sure enough I can feel myself straightening up right away. It's really neat. All I need to do to keep my posture good is to keep remembering that magnet.

So all you need for either of these tricks to work is your imagination. The great thing about improved posture is that it does become a habit pretty quickly. You will find that when you are standing and sitting up straight you actually feel better. This is because your back, neck and shoulders aren't all hunched and cramped up. It feels rejuvenating too because you increase with your spine in correct alignment, you can take fuller, deeper breaths.

And because you look ten pounds lighter, you will automatically look better in your clothes. Make improving your posture a little gift you give to yourself to make you happy.

Having good posture is something that looks great on anyone. When you're standing and walking tall and looking ten pounds thinner, you might just feel like rocking a new miniskirt or a great pair of shorts. Make sure your legs look their very best by using the Braun 5270 Epilator.

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