You Can Download a Free Fiction Book Now

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Why "sell" books for free? Ok then why are authors giving their books away?

That is a very good question but a question with a very logical answer.

Lets start at the beginning. Authors have been giving their books away as ebooks for many years making this and old story in some respects not a new one. 3 years ago while I was working in a retail business an author gave me one of his fiction books in an attempt to market and promote his writing

Giving books away is a marvellous way of promoting. For example many of the ebooks that have been given away in more recent times have been non-fiction and hve been given away for marketing reasons offering high quality results for business

The ereader has allowed expansion on the non-fictional ebook to the masses. The ereader is now and entertainment tool for everybody of all ages

The most popular and successful ereader some would say is the Kindle and with this ereader has come a huge variety ways of reading books ustilising not only their Kindle reading device but their downloadable software. A veritable door opener for new authors, budding authors and existing published authors whose sales are lagging.

Once upon a time a new author would need to be accepted by a publishing house to sell their book or, they would self publish at great personal expense. The company Amazon owns kindle and we all know they sell books. Utilising Amazon a budding author can self publish their book at no cost and sell their book to those people who have access to the Kindle or the Kindle reader softwar

This is where the free book comes in. If you are a budding or new author you have no idea if your work will be accepted by the reading population. To test the waters all you need do is publish utilising the Amazon publishing service and put a $0 price on your book. Whammo you suddenly have thousands and thousands of potential readers who are keen to read a book for free. Hundreds and hundreds of free fictional books are downloaded daily.

New authors can gauge reader acceptance by the reviews given and therefore set a target as to if and when they can actually put a price on their book. Readers are quite brutal when reviewing books because they are anonymous and feel comfortable saying it how they see it. Regardless of the reviews the new author will get the best insight as to their writing style, subject matter, genre and more.

Then there are the already published authors who have been experiencing lagging sales. Many of these authors are likely to be in contract with a publishing house although when it comes to promoting books that makes no difference. By offering a free short book or story for the ereader a known authors sales can suddenly catapult and reignite. However, this is also assuming the publisher has been smart enough to make the authors previous books available to be read on Kindle

The key is that free books need to be instantly available to be read on an ereader. Everyday new free books are listed for instant download and reading on the Kindle device or free Kindle applications. Thousands and thousands of readers are lapping up these books, reviewing them and reigniting the sales of existing published authors or exposing new authors.

Free books are exciting for the avid reader. It expands the entertainment value of books and offers new opportunities for those who have always wanted to write a book.


Katherine Quirke is a successful Australian based business entrepreneur with an IT background, has owned a number of businesses over the last 22 years. Not only does she run her own business but enjoys gardening, reading, cooking and sewing. Check out a range of cheap and free books or if you are interested in learning more about the Kindle click here.

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