You can change things to be what you like-painting games for girls

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As a girl,you maybe also feel that there are so few of clothes for you to wear,but now you can have this chance to change the wardrobe,and decide the clothes to be what style you like,now you can have a try,color the clothes to the style which you like the best and you will know that there will be more and more colors.this is the new games of painting games for girls.

Hey,girls,if you have bored of the wardrobe,you can follow me and make the wonderful ones for yourself.just have fun and you can be a wonderful designer then.

Firstly,you can choose the tops,there are 8 kinds of tops for you to choose from,which can help you enjoy different styles of clothes,under that you can choose the colors,which you can choose from,now you can have a look of that then.

And then you can dress the girl up with the fasion coats,surprise!you can also choose the right color that you want to,image that if there are clothes that you can change the color everyday,how it will be then.I want to have one,and make the dresses to be the very color I I like playing this kind of painting games for girls.

Bottons are fashion clothes now,you can choose the very style you like the best,and painting it to the color you like,but you should make sure that it can fit with the clothes and the style of the girl,then you can choose the stockings if you need,shoes are also can be painted,and also the brooch.Have you finished all about that,after finishing that you can show and you will know it is the most exicting thing to see you own wardrobe to be the most fahion and pretty ones,full of many fashion clothes you like the best.and you can change the color of the clothes as you like.

Wish you have fun from the painting games for girls,you will know it is so cool to have your own fashion and special wardrobe.

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Girls like playing make up games and other kind of girl games,which you will have fun from playing it.and i like write articles about games for girls.wish you can have fun here

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