Yes Man Film Synopsis (2008)

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Carl (Jim Carrey) is a quiet man who keeps to himself avoiding everyone, including his friends. Three years ago Carl broke up with Stephanie (Molly Sims) and has not been able to get his life back on track. Carl's best friend Peter (Bradley Cooper), although patient at first, becomes very frustrated with him when he forgets to attend his bachelor party.

Carl runs into an old acquaintance Nick (John Michael Higgins), who introduces Carl to the life change philosophy of the Yes seminar. Carl, who is averse to trying everything, seems very skeptical of Nick and the idea. When Carl finally decides to attend the seminar he is made into quite a spectacle when Nick informs the group that it is Carl's first meeting.

Not quite sure what to make of the new Yes philosophy, Carl is forced to try it out when a bum asks him for a ride outside of the seminar. As the two are heading to their destination Carl also agrees to let the bum use his cell phone and give him cash as well. When Carl runs out of gas after dropping the bum off in the public park he realizes he is in trouble. With a dead battery in his cell phone, Carl ends up begrudgingly walking to the nearest gas station to get gas for his car. At the gas station his lucks seems to turn around when he meets Allison (Zooey Deschanel). The two seem to hit it off and Allison agrees to give Carl a ride back to his car.

Realizing that his yeses led him to Allison Carl begins to think there is something promising about his new philosophy. With this confirmation Carl beings to say yes to everything. Of course not being able to say no has its ups and downs. This new lifestyle gets Carl into a bar fight, a romantic rendezvous with his elderly neighbor and an all niter with his buddies which ends in a hilarious Red Bull scene.

The wonderfully spontaneous lifestyle comes to an end when Carl and Allison split up after she finds out he is only saying yes to things out of obligation. The break-up helps Carl see the true meaning behind the Yes philosophy which is to open your mind to saying yes but not necessarily to everything. With this new discovery Carl runs back to Allison and asks for another chance which she can't deny him.

Yes Man is the perfect movie for those looking to share a few laughs with their significant other. The storyline is a good one and there are plenty of moments that will make your laugh. Zooey and Carrey really played off each other well and made a better on screen couple than I thought was possible.

Yes Man is one of the more recent Jim Carrey movies which was filmed in 2008. Learn more about Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel and the entire Yes Man movie cast or check out the entire list of Jim Carrey films and movie roles.

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