XSi Rebel - Very Good Starter DSLR!

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If you are looking to buy your first SLR camera (as I was), this is a perfect compromise between quality and price. The 12 megapixel camera goes great with the (decent) starter lens, and it seems to have just about the right amount of features to create those professionally looking pictures.

I was a bit worried about the autofocus problem that some people have reported, but, as I see it, it was just that those people used all of the focus points when shooting, which could cause the camera to focus on something different from the desired target. If you are experiencing any problems, I recommend shifting to center point focus and see if that helps.

Personally, when purchasing, I was a bit stuck in between this camera and Rebel T1i. I chose this camera, first of all, because it was cheaper, and as money was a bit short, I was also attracted by the lower megapixel count (so I wouldn't require a better lens immediately). I thought the Rebel T1i's HD video function was pretty cool, until I looked into it. Turns out that its "full HD" function is only at 20 fps (which is not desirable). Also, it is only possible to record sound in mono and you cannot attach an external microphone.

In conclusion: I recommend this camera to anyone who is just starting out with photography, as this will stay with you for a long time. If you really need to be able to record HD video, I recommend buying a cheap HD camera and use that instead, as the quality and sound will probably be better than that of the Rebel T1i.

Canon XSi Rebel Good Camera, Good Value
Canon XSi Rebel is a first rate value. It does everything it should. It is for very advanced point and shoot picture taker who always forgets to charge the settings before being pushed into taking the shot now. It is built for the person who knows how to take a picture but opportunities are cluttered with the realities that nobody wants to participate in his/her picture taking.

Now knowing what I know, I would buy it in a minute. It is an electronic masterpiece but a hardheaded journey man's tool. A pleasure to handle in picture taking. I know there are better lens, better and more advanced electronic but for a dope like me it is just fine. I have six camera in the drawer, time and technology has passed them bye. This may not be cutting edge but is sharp enough for my use.

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