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Now letís take a look at the extensive facilities of XO Communications when it comes to the areas they provide their cloud. You can also bundle that with other services that this master solution provider can offer such as cheap business phone service, MPLS, MPLS Network, MPLS VPN, MPLS IP VPN, MPLS internet, MPLS private network services, MPLS service, MPLS services, MPLS VPLS and many more. All these are meant depending on the size of your business such as having a medium scale business or a small scale one and whether you are in various locations. You may also bundle that with XO VoIP/SIP plus long distance promotion, XO IP Flex and IP Flex with virtual private network. Also packaged with this promotion is automatic call routing where an incoming call can be redirected to an alternate number in your firm. And then, thereís also XO Anywhere, the most gigantic package that we have where five users are awarded free for three months with any speed of either IP Flex with VPN or without VPN. Now thatís what you call real cheap business phone service.

But it doesnít mean that our service is not quality because we have the best technical support there is on the planet ranging from actual field support to 24-hour call center which also provides chat and email support as well on a real time basis and not just bots responding to your email. And then there is also additional ten percent off for 3 Mbps EoC IP Flex and 15 percent off 5 Mbps EoC IP Flex applying to base package MRC only.

And our enterprise hosting is indeed enrapturing and captivating. Because we have a large bulk infrastructure, you need not worry about safe storage and transport of your data. In our enterprise hosting, your MPLS IP-VPN network cloud is composed of as many as ten branches and there are indeed various features in this T1 pricing such as having a web portal that is self-service. Isnít that great? Administrators in the MIS of your company will have an easy run-through in dealing with customers and other stakeholders such as government monitoring agents perhaps.

Remember that in our network, it runs through a dedicated fiber optic T1 line or perhaps a T3 line so you donít need to worry about outside hackers carrying spyware, worms or viruses. That is how cool XO Communications is. No use taking my word for it though, you'll only know exactly IF you try it.

Author has been writing about xo communications as well as t1 ds3 and t1 pri for years.

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