XO Communication: Transforming the path of Your Business

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XO Communication is a master solution provider that affords not only Internet bulk solutions for large, medium as well as large scale businesses acknowledged as enterprise hosting but in addition delivers ordinary Internet services for home usage. They are able to even deliver the XO Colo in these locations for a cloud of network won't imply you will need to get the bulk T1 and T3 lines and really enjoy various services like point to point T1. You could already experience standard Internet connection anywhere in the continental United States Of America since XO Communication also offers a last mile fiber optic wire. Ain’t that extraordinary?

As though those were not enough, we likewise present free of charge technical support, which includes installation support for free. And here’s another thing - XO Communication also presents humongous discounts to as much as thirty percent for a lifetime. As well as the technical support of XO Colo is probably the best there's. We’ve got persons in the field, we’ve obtained 200 of our persons as well in our call center who will entertain your telephone calls for aid. You can even favor to chat or e-mail our technical support staff.

However first, why do we need enterprise hosting? One can find several different reasons why businesses must pick enterprise hosting. Enterprise hosting just simply indicates all the files in your firm can be hosted by one system as well as the transport of info from one location to another shall be through our T1 lines. T1 pricing is in addition dependent upon the size of your network. For example, if there are merely 3 systems connected inside your collocation, then that can be less complex over using a program of far more than two hundred computers within just one location in the cloud then multiplying that by let’s say three branches.

Yet although your business is small, you'll still need enterprise hosting. Precisely why? Merely because our MPLS VPN line could make your business smooth in procedure mainly because you currently have layers of firewalls for your virtual private network that is of course in a collocation. To phrase it differently, you do not need to concern yourself pertaining to industrial espionage and concerning how to fast track reaching towards not only your customers however other stakeholders as well, even the government.

That is just how it is with XO Colo. They’ve recently been in the business for virtually ten years now and they are now in main cities in the Usa. They’re also readily available in 23 other nations.

Author is an AT&T master solution provider who specializes in helping customers make the most out of their communication and network needs. He works tirelessly to provide powerful, efficient and cost effective solutions, such as Collocation and XO Communications, to address clients’ communications needs.

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