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If you?re still unsure about Xbox Madden 10, then you need a trip through the football video game timeline, back to the beginning, to change your mind. Sure, there?s something not right about saying a current game is great merely because it blows away its ancestors. On the other hand, after a closer examination of the older football video games, it?s easier to comprehend why Xbox Madden 10 has been at the center of such unadulterated adulation. From day one, football video games were what the original hardcore gamers wanted, back when the video game consoles were taking their first ?baby steps? in the world. But the catch was, the power of the early video game consoles didn?t exactly equal the imaginations and desires of those early hardcore gamers, so everyone had to settle for less. Even then, the game companies were excellent at the hype, and kept boasting that this one boasted ?all the excitement? of real football.

The players themselves have closer resemblance to space aliens than members of a football team. Rough, but true. And if the picture has you cringing, you can only imagine what the gameplay is like. Characters started flashing and blinking, thanks to the limited memory of the early game consoles and cartridges. Sound effects didn?t fare much better, with the ?spectators? sounding more like a car with a busted muffler. As you?d probably guessed, there wasn?t a scrolling screen for this one. Soon, the first round of the console wars would begin, and the competition created a football video game of their own. A serious effort was made with this next one, in order to give gamers a football video game closer to the real thing. It wasn?t there yet, though.

No doubt, it was a real exciting time for hardcore gamers, but there was still a ways to go before football video games would dominate the industry. Several years would pass before that came to pass. But this one, which was released in the late 80s, as part of the next generation of game consoles, really hit it big, to the point where people still love it. If you were to ask a gamer from the 90s what their favorite sports video game was, this one would crack the top 5 list.

Why this went supernova isn?t hard to figure out ? with actual offensive and defensive strategies, they brought in a new level of realism. With the improvements in both the sound and the graphics, gamers saw this as the first and last word in video football games. It?s one of the few ?old school? games that can still excite today?s crop of hardcore gamers. While worthy of praise, it still trails in the distance from Xbox Madden 10.

It?s always great to see how far we, and football video games, have come. We?ve had a few chuckles, but mocking less advanced video games isn?t a productive use of our time. No need to keep harping on it. Those games had their weaknesses, but if it weren?t for them, we wouldn?t be playing Xbox Madden 10 today, so they did get the ball rolling. Xbox Madden 10 is the future of football video games, and the video game community is psyched that the future is looking so bright. The reviewers have spoken, and they?re as stoked as the gamers, which is always a cause for celebration. You want impressive admiration for Xbox Madden 10, see the reviews, which all use terms like?realistic and enjoyable.? EA Sports didn?t even come close to fumbling the ball with Xbox Madden 10, that?s for sure.

There are always going to be the haters, but pay no attention ? Xbox Madden 10 rules. As great as Xbox sports video games offerings are, Xbox Madden 10 is at the top of the pack. Most of the gaming world agrees that this is the new standard by which the rest shall be judged. If you?re really ready to show your stuff, you can separate yourself from the pack and face off for big bucks.

It?s a great time to be an Xbox Madden 10 expert ? now you can slug it out for some real money. After you?ve really given yourself a crash course and learned all the rules, you?ll score touchdown after touchdown ? and make off with your rival?s bankroll as well.

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