Wrinkles gone in 30 days? Use lipid-based deep wrinle serum

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Every single day, consumers looking to fight the common disease of aging fall victim to the tricks and scams of the money hungry cosmetics industry. Aging is the one disease that every person has to deal with. Now, I am not saying that the whole industry is a scam or a hoax, just that the majority of of products cost less to make then the container they are sold in. There are a number of things to watch out for when searching for anti aging solutions, especially when it comes to deep wrinkle serum. There are a few quality anti aging products on the market, you just have to know where to look.

The most common loophole that these companies exploit I like to call the "label scam". They cover the label with words that the consumer wants to hear - all natural, contains vitamin E, contains vitamins or minerals, or contains collagen. Now, collagen DOES make your skin look younger and it DOES get rid of wrinkles... but rubbing it on your wrinkles isn't going to do a thing! Collagen must be produced by your skin in order for it to work. Also, cosmetic companies put synthetic Vitamin E in their products... there has been one study that shows that Vitamin E works to give you more youthful looking skin, and that was using all-natural Vitamin E, which is significantly more expensive for manufacturers to put in their products. Trust me when I say that these companies will NEVER choose the highest quality ingredient over the cheap alternative.

Even if the cosmetics company puts ingredients in the product that DO work, they have a nasty little habit of diluting their products with up to 90% water, bulking and filling agents, mineral oils, and purfumes to make it smell nice. That's right, most of the time you are being sold THICK WATER to rub on your face. If you look at the ingredient label for your anti aging product, they list the ingredients by the amount in the product. If the first ingredient is "water" or "aqua" then you are being sold a big tub of thick water. Oftentimes, the nice looking containers these products are sold in cost more than the product itself to manufacture. The thing about water is that it CANNOT penetrate your skin. In order for a deep wrinkle cream to work it must penetrate the skin! All transdermal creams and patches of any kind (inculding medicine patches) use a fat or lipid to deliver the medicine because lipids CAN penetrate the skin. Don't fall for the water-based product scam!

So what do you do? The best thing to do is to buy a lipid-based deep wrinkle serum with active ingredients proven to work in INDEPENDENT studies. See, most of the time the studies cited by cosmetic companies are in fact sponsored by the company. How is that not completely biased? If you are looking for an anti aging product that is nearly 1000% more concentrated than almost every deep wrinkle serum out there, I'd highly suggest you take a look at a product full of wrinkle reducing active ingredients such as SD7 deep wrinkle serum. Products like this are independently proven to reduce wrinkles in as little as 30 days. They are one of the few companies that make products to actually help people fight aging instead of just making a buck. They even offer a full refund if you're not happy with it. It's your skin, stop rubbing expensive thick water on it!

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