Wrinkle Treatments Without Surgery

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If you are planning to erase wrinkles from your face and body, there are two things you have to take into consideration. The first is that your collagen production needs to be stimulated. Secondly, free radicals that create havoc in your body, needs to be stopped from creating further damage.

You cannot stop aging; but there are so many ways you can help these two approaches of wrinkle treatments. The best part is, many of them are fully natural and will not cost you time or money to use.
The things that will be essential in your wrinkle treatments include antioxidant creams, hyaluronic acid moisture cream and sunscreen lotions and creams. Then you need to make sure you are having nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10. For that you will need to have items like Green Tea in your daily food intake. Also gears like sunglasses are must to fight wrinkles.

Then you have to get rid of bad habits like smoking. Cigarettes can limit how much collagen your body will produce to fight and repair damaged skin and also for healing wrinkles. This bad habit also inhibits the circulation system of your body making it harder for healthy blood to reach those minute blood vessels that make up your skin. That results in dead skin and hence wrinkles.

Use sunscreen when out in sun or avoid it as much possible. Over exposure to sun leads to skin that looks like leather and with crow’s feet around eyes. So if you have to be in the sun for long, make sure you are wearing a pair of sunglasses and applied ample sunscreen with high SPF before coming out of your house! According to renowned New York City and Miami dermatologist Frederick Brandt, MD, if you have to choose one product that can help you stay younger for long, it should be a sunscreen.

Your diet should be rich in hyaluronic acid or HA as this nutrient will help your get rid of premature wrinkles and also prevent them from coming. One food article that has it in high concentration is sweet potatoes. If you need, you can always buy this acid supplement from your local health food store to help your wrinkle treatments regime.

Take antioxidants to prevent wrinkles. Sun, pollution and stress causes free radicals in your body that attack skin cells and breakdown collagen. When you have a combination of antioxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 as well as green tea, that will help you neutralize free radicals. Your local pharmacy can also supply you with over-the-counter as well as prescription antioxidant creams.

Do not use strong soaps and facial cleansers. They may claim to help in reduction of wrinkles, but most of the time, all they do is damage the topmost layers of the skin! That leads to more wrinkles in instead of elimination of wrinkles. Then no matter what wrinkle treatments you follow, they will not yield any result!

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