Wrinkle Creams can Contain a Variety of Ingredients

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When you look at the many wrinkle creams available in the market, you will see that their ingredients will greatly vary from one brand to another. Even if their ingredients vary, you will see that each will claim to be the best product available in eliminating wrinkles and signs of aging.

Of course, there can never be a cream that can be the best for everyone as each person has a different skin type and will react differently to a combination of ingredients. Taking this into account, some creams will definitely work best for some people while it may not necessarily work for you. This is why different creams make use of different formulations, to have a better chance of working for other people.

One ingredient that is commonly found in all wrinkle creams is antioxidants. These can come in many different kinds, such as retinol, vitamin E and many other plant extracts. They work by eliminating free radicals from the body as these free radicals can cause a lot of damage to our cells, and contribute to the faster aging of the body.

A lot of creams directly supply the skin with collagen and elastin. These are proteins needed by the skin to increase their elasticity. By giving the skin more of these proteins, it can use them to further increase their elasticity so that it may resist the formation of wrinkles, as well as eliminate existing ones from the face.

Aside from just directly supplying the skin with collagen and elastin, other creams make use of peptides. This increases the skin's elasticity by stimulating the body to produce more collagen and elastin. This way, it can utilize these proteins faster and incorporate them into the skin matrix better.

Moisturizers are also important ingredients found in almost all wrinkle creams. Increasing the hydration of cells is important as this helps make the skin smoother and have a more even skin tone. Aside from this, rough patches and other blemishes are also diminished. Lastly, the skin will also be more resistant to damage when having well hydrated cells.

Aside from just eliminating wrinkles, some creams also offer protective effects such as preventing damage from the sun. Creams can accomplish this by having sunscreens included in their ingredients. This way, the skin is protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Due to the differences in skin type, you cannot expect a single formulation of wrinkle cream to work best for everyone. This is why there are many different variations in the formulations of creams, so that one cream may work better for one person, while a different formulation may be better for another person.

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