WPhone7 phone does not have copy and paste function: Microsoft says no need for

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Beijing March 17, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft Windows Phone mobile phone unit, executive Tuo Debu Hendrix (Todd Brix) Tuesday outside in the interview, confirmed receiving the first batch of Windows Phone 7 smart phone market, it will not provide the most familiar to Windows users to "copy" "paste" function, because mobile phone users do not need to use these two functions, can be the successful completion of a variety of operational activities.

Tuesday at Microsoft's MIX10 held in Las Vegas technology conference, the company released the Windows Phone 7 smart phones and other products IE9 the browser development plans. Earlier in the day, the U.S. electronics site Engadget wrote that the first listing of Windows Phone 7 mobile phone, it will not provide copy and paste function.

Blix later confirmed the authenticity of the news, "Windows Phone 7 phones will not provide copy, paste function, it is our intention to do so ...... design ideas is the case, because the user in actual operation is basically no need to use these two functions. "

Blix explained that the vast majority of cases, the user using the "Copy", "Paste" feature, we hope to complete a specific operation tasks, such as phone calls to other people send an address. However, Windows Phone 7 mobile phone users to complete such operations entirely by the so-called "smart links" (smart linking) to conduct. This feature allows the user to user double-clicks a phone number, you can make the call. If you want to find address and map services through the completion of operations, without having to use copy and paste function.

Some industry insiders believe that, Windows Phone 7 handsets will support the Office applications, so the phone is not available to copy, paste function, the user is likely to make a lot of inconvenience. But Blix said that the vast majority of Windows Phone 7 mobile phone users will not be unhappy, "We have to meet the needs of the vast majority of users. We have made the decision, would certainly have a small part of the user inconvenience."

U.S. science and technology Web site CNET that, if a user in the future of the Windows Phone 7 phones do not provide copy, paste functions expressed strong dissatisfaction with Microsoft is likely to be coupled with these two functions. In fact, Apple's iPhone smartphone, after the initial listing, but also a lack of some basic features, then Apple and gradually increase these features.

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