WOW Paladin Leveling Guide

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Paladins are the keepers of Light and have the use of Holy Auras. These Auras are powerful spells that can boost the statistics of not only the Paladin but each person within their group. At anytime a Paladin can only have one active Aura, multiple Paladins in a group mean multiple Auras. The Paladins are designed specifically for protection. They are allotted the ability to protect and heal not only themselves but anyone else they choose too.

Being of holy nature, Paladins have a powerful effect on undead creatures. Their holy spells are designed specifically to destroy the legions of undead armies. Along with healing, Paladins are able to do massive damage and be successful tanks; thanks in part to the ability to wear plated armor. Along with the healing and resurrection powers they possess, you could argue that Paladins are the strongest overall characters in World of Warcraft.

This coupled with their two handed weapon ability, gives them great damage, great tanking ability and great healing. Being able to survive huge amounts of damage comes from their plated armor and their natural defensive nature.

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to Paladins. They possess strong melee and spell power, which is idyllic for large group raids and PvP fights. Sense you have such a wide range of ways to hurt your enemies, finding what works best with what enemy is one of the more challenging aspects of playing a Paladin.

As a healer, you will find that Paladins are more than equipped to heal multiple targets or even just a single target with relative ease. Their holy nature makes them very popular healers, and can come in handy when you are leveling up. Using your all your skills, will give you a great feel for what you would like your Paladin to be ultimately.

One of the stand out aspects of a Paladin is there blessing that they can place on people. Individually the Paladin can not only give itself an Aura, but it can also give itself one blessing. These blessings very in stats, but they all are designed to enhance certain aspects of a player to maximize their value. Paladins are also able to do this for each individual within their group. This wonderful spell, gives the Paladin the ability to literal go player to player and give them one of their blessings. End game activities such as raids and battle grounds are perfect places to use these blessings to their fullest.

The way you use all of these powerful spells is through your mana consumption. When you find yourself in high level raids, you will be extremely dependent on your fellow raid members to help regenerate your mana, because you will use it at such a rapid rate. Many times when people are first leveling a Paladin, they will run into mana issues. This is the most frustrating part of being a Paladin. As you level you will want to be aware of what spells consume a lot of mana and which ones don't. Without mana you will become very weak, very quickly.

With the ability to choose tank, DPS or healing, Paladins have a talent tree that is designed specifically for each of those specs. To make it easy here are the talents that are associated with each of the three specs: Holy is for healing, Protection is for tanking and Retribution is for damage. As this makes it very easy to choose your talent points, it also makes it somewhat boring. One of the drawbacks to being a Paladin is the limited freedom you have when putting together your talent builds. That is the price you pay for the versatility of a Paladin.

A lot of players will tell you when you level a Paladin you must use Retribution to help you level, but in fact the Protection talent tree makes leveling much easier. Retribution is all about damage, but consumes way to much mana to make it an effective leveling tool. Defense and mana are the basis for Protection, and will make leveling fun and easy. Now you will be able to burn through enemies quicker and take full advantage of your strengths.

Being a very popular character, the Paladin has many people who can assist you when needed. With so much flexibility built into the Paladin, you will find it hard to get bored. With a small amount of ranged spells and extreme mana consumption your biggest issues, Paladins are extremely over powering. This is a great character to learn and play|Fun, adventurous and versatile, the Paladin is a great character to build.

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