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WoW Gold Farming

Have you ever played the game wow? If your answer is no then don't worry as we are going to tell you all about wow. First thing in wow is gold farming where a player maximizes or farm the items by killing important creatures. These actions are done repeatedly in order to collect some items that can be sold to get currency. Gold farming refers to both making and selling the gold.

Farming gold in wow is every essential step and it is a bit difficult one as one has to collect enough gold in order to buy the enjoyable things in future in the wow. However, there are some useful techniques, if you follow them all then you can get best in very less time and without much effort.

Acquire low, vend high

This is the very basic and useful rule of wow gold farming that is being in practice since the beginning of this game. All you need to do is to buy at low price and then sell at high but for this, you need to have the strategy of watch and wait. If you are a risk lover then you might lose this game as risk adverse people are more likely to farm more gold then the risk takers.

Commodity to be chosen

Try to choose the commodity that is very valuable for the other also or it is more liquid. If you want to sell that commodity then you can do it easily. The things that are more liquid you can sale them easily at any time.

Examine the prices

This is very crucial step and it becomes more important if you are new to this game as you need to pay more attention to the auction prices that are being exercised. However, you don't need to hurry up at this step for putting your prices first see calmly all the prices then put your own.

Start buying

Once you have examined all the prices now its time that you can buy but this must be when all prices are normal and you are buying at low. Here you can make the decision how much profit you will earn there.

Re-list at higher price

Once you have bought the gold at fewer prices now you can start selling at higher price. For this, you need to re-list first at some higher price than the normal. If there is coming fluctuation in the prices then you need to see when they become stable then re list your. Best spots for wow gold farming

There are three best places for wow gold farming;

Winter Spring

You can farm the silver and green items at the lake of Ke Theril. There are large numbers of ghosts and you need to kill them. In the south east, you can farm the mature blue dragon sinew by killing the scale bones and cobalt mage weavers.

Western Plague Lands

You can get very profitable mobs in this area. The mob that is present in the western Felstone field is farmed for valuable rune cloth because they can be reselling very soon and you don't need to wait much for its better price. In the east area of the map, you will find Rotting Behemoths that are great target for farming as they can be sold easily for hundred and more gold.

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