WoW bot automation - Review

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Hi :-)

WoW has been out now for a longer while.

The level range, cap has increased from the initial 60 to the current 85.

For a new players it seems like leveling is a breeze, that it takes an hour, maybe two to get the next level.

Then slowly it turnes out not to be so easy. Every next level it gets more and more difficult , and by difficult I mean rather more time consuming than diffuclt as nothing really changes except for the locations.

You can say that sure, you get an opportunity to discover new lands, do some quests etc, but do you really find the process so entertaining?

Lets be honest it can be generalized to a problem of killing an infinite number of mobs.

This WoW Bot is so GREAT!

But then, on the other hand, World of Warcraft is a great social game. You can get lots of nice stuff, show it to your friends, competite with them, take part in PVP battles and kick some ass.... sure... that REALLY IS **FUN** :-)

So... why not automate the BORING process of getting next automation...sounds nice, doesn't it? It really is possibe and to be honest it actually is very easy to get it running. the thing that you need is a World of Warcraft Bot . rwBot is all you need (

I am pretty sure that you have already heard about WoW Bots. In fact there are already a couple of them.

Why would you consider rwBot? might not be so obvious, but I have already tried a couple of bots and in my opinion is simply **ROCKS** ^^ yeah, it is so good. First things first... it supports all the most popular waypoint files. Waypoint profiles are the files you load into a wow bot and so the bot knows where to go and how to level. There are LOTS of such profiles available for download at Another good thing about this WoW Bot is that it is FREE to try , yeah, they have got nothing to hide. You can download a FREE trial from their website and geta feell of that wonderful wow bot.

As someone newto the botting community you surely would like this software to be easy to use. Well it is. All you need to do is to start rwBot as administrator. Right click the Start.exe and choose to run as administrator. Log onto your wow character and select its name in rwBot. rwBot supports leveling of multiple characters so you can level a couple of your chars at once.

Then all that is left to do is to select which spells you want your character to use. There is not need to set up lots of keys etc. This wow bot will think of the best way of using the spells and combat spells in order to achieve the highest DPS possible.

World of Warcraft Bot

Till the next time


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Player of a great game World of Warcraft and a fan of rwBot wow bot
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