Would Amazon Be the Loser if it Challenges Apple iPad?

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Recently, some report reported that Amazon will launch their tablet PC in the next half year. As we all know, there has been no tablet which rivals iPad till now. Although many other brand electronics suppliers like Motorola and Samsung sell their tablet products on the market, Apple iPad still occupies a lion share, which is around 70 percent. Would Amazon be the loser if it challenges Apple iPad?

According to experts' opinion, the price of future tablets from Amazon might break iPad price barrier. Some reports said its each unit is only priced half of an iPad. If it is true, Amazon tablet would be sold between 200 dollars and 250 dollars.

That means Amazon has found one of the important aspects to fight against Apple. Current iPad competitors almost have nothing to rely on, especially after iPad 2 went into market. Besides first mover advantage and complete product chain, Apple iPad 2 has price strength. Apple never stops improving themselves. That's why Apple is always the leader in the consumer electronics world and could motivate relevant industries' development like iPod, iPhone and iPad accessories.

However, price is still a breakthrough point for those who want their tablets have good market prospect. Motorola Xoom and RIM Playbook could evidence how important the price is in tablet PC market. Because of over high prices, Xoom is sold not so well as expected while Playbook sold 50,000 units in its first day of selling.

Amazon also has distribution advantage than Apple. Different from the selling mode of smart cell phones, users like to go to retail shops to buy tablet PC. In accordance with a survey which is about tablet PC purchase, 33 percent people prefer to buy iPads in Apple retail store and nearly 19 percent users choose to buy from Amazon. Among 10 ways of purchase, Amazon is the second largest platform. This could not show how advantageous Amazon is, comparing to other challengers, Amazon.com is more influential.

The development of Apple Store in Amazon is stunningly fast. According to some reports, the number of application grows from 3,800 to 7,500 in weeks. What's more, some experts forecast that Amazon tablet PC has the capability of offering more varied services, including MP3 shops, Kindle stores, Cloud Drive, Instant Video, etc. Amazon has more powerful resource than Apple.

Amazon's Kindle success has proved how influential Amazon is. After iPad release, many professionals predict that Kindle might be suppressed. However, Amazon still keeps developing their software source. This arouses people's attention on Amazon's marketing flexibility and attack-proof capability.

Amazon still have chance to defeat Apple iPad if it goes into tablet PC market. Who will be the loser in the future? Probably Apple, or Amazon.

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