World’s First Frozen Donor Egg Bank Launches International Partnership in UK

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Third year Charter 100 member, Diana Thomas, announces the partnership of her company - The World Egg Bank - with the network of CARE Fertility centers in the United Kingdom. CARE Fertility was founded by Dr. Simon Fishel who is world renown as one of the doctors who had the first “test tube” baby in the world, Louis Brown in 1978.

Today, 15% of couples are infertile; 20% of those couples seek advanced techniques to achieve pregnancy and worldwide, 2.2% use IVF donor eggs. Until egg freezing became a reality, recipients of traditional “fresh” eggs had tolerated serious logistic, financial and psychological difficulties synchronizing medically for months with a live-time egg donor. Patients frustrated by years of tests and failures greatly value the speed, convenience and reduced risks associated with frozen eggs and are increasingly seeking this option Outside of the US, many countries are unable to recruit egg donors under current legislative and regulatory restrictions. The World Egg Bank has responded to these legal obstacles by providing frozen donor eggs to countries around the world in need of egg donors.

Diana Thomas, founder and CEO of The World Egg Bank, started down the nascent path of using donor eggs fourteen years ago, when she wanted to become a mom and realized her own eggs were not viable for a pregnancy. “I went through years of personal heartache, financial and emotional stress, and then I finally decided to find a donor on my own. Everyone around me thought I was a little crazy.” Diana had her own three children with donor eggs and founded one of the first national and international traditional egg donor recruiting agency since the birth of her first child in 1996. “I was a trail blazer without knowing it; I just knew I had a goal, and I was going to find a way to be a mother.”

In 2004, Diana, along with two pioneers in egg freezing technology, provided the first commercial frozen human eggs in the US and the world. Sperm banks have been around for over 30 years, but freezing women’s eggs is new technology. The World Egg Bank recruits donors, acquires, freezes and stores eggs, and then sells eggs to women or couples trying to conceive. In 2005, the first child conceived from a commercial frozen egg bank was born under the care of The World Egg Bank.

Diana noted that “we will seek out capital to expand our frozen Donor registry to give prospective moms a wider range of options when it comes to Donor selection.” In addition to growing the bank of donor eggs, we are looking ahead to development of processes and products related to improving egg preservation and cryogenic storage, and establishing a source of financing for our clients to support their infertility treatments. “We’ve come a long way baby, has taken on new meaning in the 21st Century.”

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