Working Hard to Make the World a Greener and Healthier Place

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Paul Svejda of Orlando, Florida has his fingers in many pies. He is active in optimizing search engine visibility for new clients; he has vast experience in finding legal ways to reduce property taxes and has become an expert in that area; he has successfully worked in the field of collections, helping those who cannot get what is rightfully theirs. He is also a prominent real estate consultant and, additionally, he has made himself an expert in hotel renovations. It is obvious from this wide ranging list of accomplishments that he has diverse interests and enjoys a challenge.

Recently, Paul Svejda has turned his attention to inventions that are green and beneficial to mankind in general. With his vast network of friends, business associates and acquaintances, Paul has a number of people who can serve as resources for his newest invention. He is looking at the diesel engine with an eye to improve efficiency beyond what is normally accepted as good diesel economy. His invention, when properly launched, will produce hydrogen in the diesel engine and cause it to burn 40 to 50% more efficiently. From necessity, we are all striving to become more energy efficient and less oil-dependent. To be able to wring another 40 to 50% efficiency out of a gallon of diesel fuel would demand a rethink on everything fuel dependent world-wide.

The potential benefits of this concept are staggering. Paul Svejda realizes that this would be a revolutionary breakthrough similar in scope to the first diesel engine. To be able to increase efficiency so that 50% less fuel would be required to do the same job would be a huge benefit to every country that uses fuel. It would mean massive savings to countries buying fuel from others and it would reduce the carbon footprint mankind leaves behind him every day. The ramifications of finding a real, usable and predictable way to save fuel every day are mind boggling.

With the foresight of investor finders like Paul Svejda, such a dream can become our future. He has located additional funding to make this dream a reality. The world needs these sorts of ideas and dreams today. Fuel efficiency and fuel economy define the Earth and its inhabitants. Continued inefficiency of our resources will leave us all literally gasping for a clean breath as we watch our lifestyles slide away from us. It will take creative inventions that are immediately applicable in order to reverse the fuel dependency that now taints modern living.

Paul Svejda of Orlando, Florida has sources of funding available for any inventor who has an invention that makes sense and would have a big demand if put into production.

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Paul Svejda in Orlando Florida is a successful businessman with his hands in several lucrative projects. He is a Real Estate Consultant and currently practicing Search Engine Optimization, to find out more services what he can offer feel free to visit he's personal website at

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