Work with Your Curls

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People with curly hair usually has many problems: dry, damaged, frizzy and uncontrollable curls. The weather dictate your hairstyle easily and even your mood. You should have to spend an amount of time on take caring and styling your hair. How to say goodbye to the frizz, split ends and other problems? The key is work with your curly hair instead of against.

The first thing that I learned that help me do this is that, it doesn't always have to do with product (although it helps), it's how you handle your hair.

1. Get a curl revitaliser, it's a conditioner you use after conditioning and it's a godsend!

2. Gently squeeze out all excess water before you start the conditioning, this makes your hair fell softer after.

3. Never, ever brush your hair when it's wet! If your hair gets really tangled, brush before you go in the shower.

4. Wash your hair every 2 or 3 of days.

5. Before you turn off the water to get out of the shower, flip your head up side down a couple of times to separate the curls and then run water over them. Then flip your hair back up with a towel on your shoulders. Don't towel dry it and don't wrap it up in one of those towel turbans. After you have done all that use some frizz ease serum and let your hair air dry (if you're really pressed for time, lightly pat it dry with a towel). Then put curl lotion through my hair both upside down and rightside up, then use mousse and scrunch this into your hair until the curls look flawless wet.

6. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser by using the cool shot. After finished, use a frizz sealing cream and a flexible hairspray.

I hope you will learn to love your curls because people will come up to you on the street and compliment your curls.

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