Work Boots: A True American Heritage That Says It All (From The Past To The Present)

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When you think of American Heritage you probably think of the pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower or maybe the early settlers that carved out a life for themselves on the frontier, and of course who can forget the adventurous souls that helped tame the west? And what about the early 1900s when industrialization was just beginning to come into its own? What about all the factories and plants that shot up in the east and north east section of the country? Hundreds of thousands of workers migrated from different parts of the country especially from the south in hopes of finding better jobs; better opportunities, and an overall better life for their families and themselves. It was a fascinating time to be alive during the early days of prosperity for the country.

The prosperity of industries in the north and north east soon spread all over the country and America as a whole begin to enjoy levels of prosperity that had only been experienced in the industrialized north and north east. And it became quite apparent to some inspiring entrepreneurs that American workers needed foot wear that would help them endure working long hard hours of hard physical labor without their feet aching and paining from discomfort.

Entrepreneurs in Milwaukee Wisconsin as well as Red Wing Minnesota and a number of other areas sought to design and develop foot wear for men who worked long and hard each and every day. They sought to make the work shoe comfortable enough to wear all day long and yet help protect the worker from foot injuries that could be sustained in the work place. This was the concept for the first "American Work boot" that was specifically built to give the American worker better foot wear designed exclusively for the work place and over the years the concepts and designs for the American work boot has continuously evolved into what it is today.

Modern day work boots made in America are made for practically every type of occupation that exist. From petite office secretaries that work in a plush setting to rugged outdoor jobs that are done in extreme conditions there is footwear made to accommodate virtually every worker that's part of the American workforce. There are a number of companies in America that continue to manufacture quality footwear for the American worker, and many of these same companies manufacturer quality work boots for Americans that work in environments and settings that are extreme to say the least.

Through technological advances along with good old fashion craftsmanship American work boot manufacturers continue to create better and more effective and efficient work boots that not only are more comfortable to wear but also more durable and most of all these new modern day technological wonders that are built with good old American craftsmanship help provide a more safety oriented work boot that helps protect the American worker in practically all environments from the least hazardous to the most hazardous. And these same American work boot manufacturers sell their work boots to a work force that covers the globe. All around the world you can see workers from one country to the next wearing American made work boots and that's in itself a true testament to the high quality and superior level of craftsmanship that these companies put into their products.

Yes, the American work boot has been around for over a hundred years and through it all it has evolved into what it is today--the foundation that America stands on. Whether it's the coal mines in West Virginia; the steel mills in Pennsylvania; the chemical plants in southeast Texas; the construction industry in Atlanta, or the automobile industry in Detroit--one thing is for sure: the American work boot is just as much a part of American history as the American workers that have labored day and night to help build this great country of ours. Here's to you Mr. and Mrs. American worker who has done your share and those who continue to do theirs as well and while we're at it less not forget those who labored day and night to provide us with a quality work boot that would make it all so much more bearable. We salute you. Thanks.

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