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Using Word Game Skills to Win Real Cash Online

We've all played a game of Scrabble or two, solved crosswords, and unscrambled the daily jumble. Word games have always been a gamer favorite, but their popularity has skyrocketed with the advent of online social gaming communities. Wordsmiths will have an easy time finding all kinds of ways to test their word power. While many play for a casual challenge to kill some time, more competitive word game formats are constantly evolving online to include real cash prizes and play verses real human opponents.

Gaming network sites like Game Show Network's WorldWinner is primary venue for players to match their skills in word games for cash. There are plenty of smaller heads up games to play for small entry fees (usually around $1) or you can choose the huge multiplayer tournaments with prize pools up to $25,000. The fee for the larger tournaments usually runs from $1-$2 and sometimes multiple entries are allowed. It is also worth knowing you can play as many word games for free before stepping up into the cash games.

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Bookworm on WorldWinner is probably the most popular as far as word games go. The concept is delightfully addictive! The goal of this game is to create as many words as you can in five minutes by linking adjacent letter tiles based on the Scrabble scoring letter value system. Special colored tiles help bolster your score with bonuses but you never know when they will show up. With great graphics and fast action this word game tops the list.

Another favorite word game is Scrabble Cubes. Essentially the game is the same as the classic Scrabble version but with a 3-D twist. You are given cubes to form the best words possible. So you are making your own board up as you go along which makes life a lot more interesting. Use long words and bonus cubes to score as many points as possible before time runs out. Of course you'll have those "Double Letter" and "Triple Letter" bonus cubes to help you out.

No matter which game you choose you will always be able to find a tournament since there are over one million players at WorldWinner. It is also nice to know that their skill matching system pits players of similar ability against one another to ensure equal footing in their match.

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