Wooden houses, doubts and worries about an house edge

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Wooden houses are clearly leading type of home but is still a lot of concern despite their use is widespread in other countries outside of Italy. Despite this growing number of Italian companies are dealing with these products and offering not only housing but also the efficient prefabricated wooden homes to meet every need in terms of housing of any kind. Wooden houses are in fact cases that can be used in all areas of Italian territory, however, are not those of the mountains where they find their widest dissemination.

But what are the real benefits of these houses when compared with those normally used in concrete and brick?! Well, first we must consider the different slopes in which they develop these differences. The first is undoubtedly the energy. The custom wooden houses are much more efficient than standard homes because of their nature have unique characteristics that optimize energy consumption. The laminated wood used to build the various parts of the house it has a very efficient and functional performance in terms of energy since its insulating capacity is very high and is resistant to earthquakes or fires is much higher when compared to that of normal concrete houses.

Other side where wooden houses seem to be winning is definitely what concerns functionality. In fact, these houses are processed on the needs of individual customers who can choose every single detail to be built then slavishly to the project become the "perfect home". The fact that prefab is also definitely a plus for these homes that allows you to build in a short time and with the least expenditure of energy and time by the dedicated staff.
The point of view of safety it is fully comparable to that of normal houses: to build a wooden house because special permits are required for the building and platforms on which to place the various parts of prefabricated wooden house in many cases have already integrated systems within the walls that go to make up in a complete during the assembly phase. But it is obviously necessary, but also for normal houses, lean on a company with the appropriate certifications necessary to allow storing the complete confidence from all points of view on who will perform the construction of the house.

Many are the options that can be installed in this type of housing to make them even more comfortable fit, and in particular to the area where you go to install them, because now the prefabricated homes do not have anything to envy to the normal case, indeed, in many cases are presented as the solution to curb risks such as seismic as it has highlighted the decision to build these homes in areas affected by the earthquake in L'Aquila.

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from casa ecologica in legno.
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