Wonderful Artifacts: Native American Dance Sticks

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Craft making for Native Americans is a very diverse and rich aspect of their lives. It is part of traditions and rituals and represents spirituality and power. This article will provide a brief look at Native American dance sticks and how these essential tools are important aspects of the Native American society.

These interesting dance sticks combine culture and craft making. They are traditionally used by the bravest of the tribe, the warriors, who dance in important events like tribal ceremonies to symbolize the strength and power of the brave warrior.

Dance sticks are made in different ways and are often crafted to symbolize the power of the Native American warrior through the form of an animal. These are the thunderbird, horses, bears, elks and deer. Dance sticks are normally made using feathers, leather fringe, beautiful beadwork and animal hide.

The Native American dance stick is a good representation of the skilled craftmanship of these tribal people. They represent a lot of work. Some of these would sell for more than a hundred dollars but getting a genuine artifact like this is a great keepsake. How wonderful it is to be a part of the Native American people and to understand how connected they are to their environment.

Nothing shows the kinship of the Native American warrior and nature any better than the use of an animal figure. By applying the dimensions of animals to exemplify the ability and courage of the warrior, one could ascertain the extreme link of Native American civilization to the day by day lives, routines and processes of the people. Each of the materials used represent various elements of the environment and can be categorized as the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom. The harmony and spiritual energy between these kingdoms represent how a warrior is related with the environment.

As time passes, the Native American dance stick has grown in popularity. There is a lot that can be learned about the Native American tribes when one stops to observe the carving, structure, use of color and materials on these unique dance sticks.

It's always best when purchasing an authentic dance stick, to be careful and have a discerning eye for detail. Today, there are many imitation dance sticks due to commercialization and mass production which offers a lower quality product. Purchasing an authentic dance stick requires one to be cautious or enlisting the help of a professional in the field.


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