Women and recipes in India

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Indian woman are considered conservative and homely. They are very much focused on bringing up kids besides making delicious recipes. Now they are also coming to work in offices and getting modern.

In spite of all modern advancement in India, most of women remain suppressed in rural and semi-rural areas. This suppression is historical as they have faced the discrimination for long. Religions have also contributed to their suppression. For example in theory Hindu religion advocates to keep women at home. They are discouraged to go out and have a social life. Many old scriptures are cited by religious leaders in India to suppress woman. Modern and democratic rights are condemned as the Western influences.

India is still a country of villages. Most of Indians still dwell in rural areas, is spite of migration to cities. In rural areas, the condition of woman is worse. They are suppressed in the name of tradition. There are social evils like dowry system add to their woes.

Interestingly Indian women are adept at preparing good food. Indians have taste for spicy food. Due to the cultural diversity, India offers lots of ways of lifestyle along with various types of recipes. Of late Indian food has become popular all over the world. Dishes like chicken curry are very popular in the UK and some other western countries. As the economy of India is developing and Indian woman are getting exposed to various kinds of dishes shown through TV and cinema they are exploring all kinds of food. Of late Chinese and continental dishes have become popular in the Indian urban areas.

Now a days women are seeing success in the corporate world also. Their venturing into the work place also has something to do with the rising cost of living in urban India. Due to modern influences Indian women are now exploring lots of foreign dishes and recipes.


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