WLCI reinventing fashion designing

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Fashion designing course offers scores of exciting career opportunities to students; industries

are hiring fashion designing graduates for a wide range of positions and expertise. If you are

thinking to set about your career in fashion designing and have acute sense of aesthetics and a

keen interest in fashion and clothing, WLCI College can help you to realize your dreams.

A fashion designer possess wide array of skills including painting, an eye for color and texture

and above all the ability to visualize the things in three dimensions so if you think you have all

these necessary skills; you are ready to dive into the exciting career of fashion designing .WLCI

specializes in fashion designing and students get the hang of fashion designing and acquire

gobs of distinguished skills under the guidance of expert faculty members. Students acquire in-

depth knowledge of fabrics for it is essentially required for designing. You will also learn to

create storyboards and product ranges. Students with research bend of mind incredibly excel in

fashion designing.

Keen observation is as important as creativity for fashion designers. Students at WLCI College

learn to be a good observer which helps them to morph any observation into an adorable

design. You can also learn a great deal from the existing designers. Their exquisite collection,

background, source of inspiration etc. amazingly help a budding designer to come up with his

own signature style.

WLCI College of fashion design will equip you with all the skills it takes to be a leading fashion

designer. Our peerless teaching methodology and training program results in the remarkable

success of our students in the industry.

WLCI College is ranked among the top fashion designing colleges in India and sincerely

believes that for want of practical application the conceptual knowledge always dry out so our

panel of experts teaches convoluted concepts in a lucid way and make sure it is translated into

action. Moreover, we create an environment where you develop an appetite to learn more. We

run courses for all age groups including 10+2 pass outs, graduates and working professionals.

Exponential rise in the consumer purchasing power also catapulted the demand for new and

trendy garments so apparel and clothing industry is offering exciting carrier and tremendous

growth opportunity. Pursuing fashion designing course from WLCI benefits students in

numerous ways; cutting edge technology, updated curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities hastens

your learning process in an unimaginable way.

Like other fields, fashion technology is also not untouched by technology; in fact technology has

transformed the landscape of fashion industry. There is little or no resemblance between the

fashion industry of today and that of a decade ago. In future, the people will not only pick up

trendy cloths but judge wearable on the basis of their adaptability to the technology.

Wearable technologies like Google glass and different types of smart watches have already hit

the market and people are eagerly accepting it which unequivocally suggests the future of

apparel industry rests with the advancement of technology.

WLCI College endows students with all the necessary skills considering the latest trends in the

fashion industry and their suitability for the job.

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