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Over the years, no one could define communication in a proper way, but many new means introduced to meet the requirement, stimulated people to have a conversation effectively. One more medium named ''free PC to phone calls'' is surviving in the presence of the stiff competition. This medium is popularly known as Voice over Internet protocol which is abbreviated as VoIP. It is basically a technology, which entitles the user to make cheap international calls through Internet. To have an access to VoIP, the user requires a PC possessing an Internet connection and a landline instrument. One thing which should be taken into consideration before the implementation of VoIP is that the Internet connection should be availed from a reputed subscriber to avoid the disturbances in future. To use VoIP, the customer has to connect his landline instrument with the PC so as the conversation at a cost effective price can easily be made. There are absolutely no charges levied on the user to avail this facility or if charged, it would be included in the Internet bill. The amount is very small on contrary to other mediums like STD and ISD. This facility does not only comprise free local calls but it also entitles the user to make international calls at a reduced price.

It is not necessary that the user just needs to acquire, VoIP through local service providers, but it can be availed through Internet as well. There are many websites which offer an access to VoIP, which is the main reason behind people not approaching the service providers. One of the biggest limitation of these websites is that the, virus on these kind of portals can disturb the natural flow of conversation and hamper the existing data in the PC. Therefore, to have a barrier free conversation, it is better to opt for a connection with regular subscribers.

Individuals are not only benefited after applying this technology to communicate, but there are many companies as well. Looking at the rising demand of VoIP - free PC to phone calls Calling Plans many organizations have started implementing it to meet their requirements. There are many calls to be made to the international clients and senior officials, for which this facility has been applied and has lead to the reduction in expenditures. On contrary Call Rates to its advantages there are some limitations as well. Firstly it is not wireless and the the process of making connections complicates the procedure. Secondly a lot of Fake Id's can be created, which has prompt the users to indulge in some unethical activities. If both these limitations are not taken into account then, VoIP, is the best means to have an effective conversation.

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