With Nothing Still there is Love

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“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution,” Kahlil Gibran, When successes fall through, when classmates ridicule, when businesses fail, when stock markets crash, when cars breakdown, or when dogs run away, something still remains. Children can learn to overcome and regain their joy when they realize that even though circumstances are bad, when we have the love of our family or friends, we have more than any other opportunity could grant us.
In Paolo Tiberi’s Chronicles of King Argoz, Prince Ultan and Princess Maya, one of the stories tells of a kingdom that is losing everything. In The King and the Thief, King Argoz has led a selfish life and has established high taxation throughout the land to pay for his lavish lifestyle. The punishment for not paying taxes is incredibly harsh and unmerciful. The people of the kingdom have given everything over to the Royal Treasury. They are unhappy and unable to do anything about it. The story goes on to focus on one man’s family. This man is a villager who has lost everything. He has no food for his family; he has no money; the youngest child is sick; the rest are starving; his home is crumbling and unsafe, and he is facing prison time for stealing food. The family has nothing but each other. When the King witnesses the family and watches their care and concern for the sickest member, his heart is touched.

“This family before him showed love and compassion. Yet, they had nothing beautiful around them. It didn’t appear they had enough to feed themselves. How could they live so sadly?”
King Argoz was unsure of how the family could be so involved in loving one another when they had nothing. Perhaps they just realized that they had nothing else so they should treasure what they did have – each other. Even when things are going badly in this generation, families and friends still exist. If children can grow in their appreciation and outward show of affection for their families, they will start a lifetime of contentedness within their hearts. The love of friends and family is encouraging, helpful, and strengthening.
Even when successes are rampant and wealth is secure, people should value their families. Friends and relatives hold the key to happiness. When a person realizes that if they have the continued love and support that their relationships give them no matter what, they can accomplish anything; it doesn’t matter then what happens to them – good or bad.

Parents can be examples of this. Instead of treating the family badly or neglecting them or yelling at them because of stresses at work, they can treat their family with respect. Acknowledge the bad day, but don’t let it interfere with what matters most. Granted, this is a hard task; some days are just so bad that we can’t not react! Include the family in dealing with the pressure and watch as your children grow to understand that they mean more to you than your job and money.

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