Wisteria small business accountants provides vital services for US businesses forming UK departments

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London-based business plan expert and small business accountants Wisteria has launched a range of tax advice, accountancy and business plan writing services to help US businesses begin trading legally in the UK.

For US businesses looking to expand across the pond, there are a lot of key factors to address before a company can legally begin trading. As such, it imperative that company directors receive the correct information and support throughout each stage of the expansion process. Ignoring vital UK trading issues and standards (whether on purpose or due to lack of sound UK business knowledge) can lead to hefty financial costs and, in some cases serious legal issues.

To avoid these common pitfalls it is sensible to appoint a UK tax expert and a UK business plan expert to ensure you have all the proper information and support throughout the company expansion process. Wisteria can offer guidance and support on all of the following issues:

• Accountancy and compliancy issues

• Tax issues and planning

• Business planning and advice

• Employment law issues and responsibilities as an employer

• Regulatory and legal issues

• Deciding on a business structure

There are a number of reasons why starting a UK-based department is a fantastic idea for US companies. These include: a high GDP per head, a high consumer spend and credit card spend per head (this is particularly advantageous for eCommerce based businesses), company laws are defined under the UK judicial system, low tax rates and a potential consumer audience of 60 million people.

To take full advantage of all of these impressive benefits, companies must also ensure that they correctly place themselves within their chosen market. As such, it is imperative to have a team in place that is well-versed in business strategy and familiar through proven experience with the UK market. A UK business plan expert such as Wisteria will be able to guide you through these issues, ensuring your UK business model is correct right from the start of the project.

It is important to put a brand new business plan into place as soon as possible when spreading your company to the UK market. After all, you're dealing with a completely different continent with a completely different market. Using an existing business plan, created for the United States, would be like trying to push a round peg into a square hole. As a leading UK business plan expert, Wisteria can put together a tailor-made business plan based on your existing model and business objectives that will fit into the UK market.

Wisteria works with a large number of businesses looking to start up in the UK, especially those based in the USA. We understand the specific needs and advice that these businesses require and adapt our services to meet these needs.

About US: For more information on Wisteria small business accountants or any of its services including professional business plan writing for the UK, UK tax advice and VAT registration, visit http://www.wisteria.co.uk or contact Practice Principal Andrew Millet directly at amillet@wisteria.co.uk.

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