Wireless TV Headphones – A Choice Between the RH and the IR

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RH or radio frequency wireless TV headphones are just one of the accessories which many enjoy when watching shows and movies. Another popular choice is the IR or the infrared wireless TV headphone. Both are great accessories and are highly popular but with anything popular, there is always the issue of which is better.

To set the record straight, both are great and both have their advantages and their disadvantages. It is the user’s personal choice which should be the deciding factor. Infrared wireless TV headphones have a great advantage in its line of sight technology. There is an infrared transmitted and then received on the other end. The sound is great and if there is nothing to block the light then there is hardly any interference. Its greatest disadvantage is if there is something that would block the light – the signal gets lost.

The radio frequency or RH does not have to be in the line of sight for the signal to get transmitted and received. However, water, metal and other wireless devices working on the same radio frequencies can block or can interfere with the signal. If the neighborhood is devoted to wireless technology, the signal can weaken to the extent that the sound can be lost.

The only way to choose between the RH and the IR wireless TV headphones is to consider two things: the geography of the house and personal needs. If there are a lot of walls in the house then the RH would be advantageous for going to the kitchen in the next room will not be enough to block the signal. If the geography is not advisable for the RH then the IR should handle it pretty well.

For those who are thinking of the budget both types are quite affordable and can be as low as $30 and as high as $200+. The wireless TV headphones, no matter the type, are highly advantageous especially in areas where there is a lot of noise or for those people who have a problem with their hearing. The thought of not having to deal with wires is actually the main deciding factor here for it is more comfortable to use.

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